Battery solutions day

Recordings and contact info
Publicerad den 1 juni 2023

Battery Solutions Day was broadcasted live from TechCenter in Trosa, Sweden. The day was recorded and here is the opportunity to see parts of the recording. You will also find contact information to our experts. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you as your advisor.



Learn about E-mobility and battery cell production processes and the need for clean air. And also air filtration solutions for battery manufacturing.


Gabriele Schenetti
Sales Director EMEA Camfil Air Pollution Control

Phone: +39 34 07 49 08 82



Industry process filtration

This part is about when dust and fume extraction is required. Principle of dust extraction system and Hemipleat filteration. Mitigating the risk for dust explosions and various options to install ATEX dust collector. Possibility of air circulation after the dust collector and advantages to work with a single-source provider for filtration solution.


Nilesh Sharma
Business Development Manager Air Pollution Control

Phone: +46 8 603 08 80

Clean process filtration

We talked about controlled clean air environment for e-mobility, guidance and classifications. Design and dimensioning for HEPA filters. We will also explain integrity and factory testing, installation option supply and exhaust housings. You will also get a closer look in Camfil´s manufacturing site.


Robert Lövgren
Business Development Manager Clean Process and Containment 

Phone: +46 40 680 67 33

Molecular filtration

Learn about how adsorption work and how to accurately dimension molecular filtration solutions with the use of the test standard ISO 10121. Learn how ISO 10121 test standard can be used to simulate accurate running conditions in real application and help estimate performance of molecular filtration solutions efficiency and life time expectancy.


Karl-Henrik Björkhem
Business Development Manager EMEA 
Molecular Contamination Control

Phone: +46 31 709 95 55

Air cleaners IAQ

This part is about aircleaners, the mobile plug and play solution for aircleaning. What possibilities do we have and what can we do? Aircleaners can remove both particles and molecules/gases, we will highlight a few things to keep in mind, and explain the difference between a aircleaner and a dust collector and when to use what? We will show examples and case studies how they are used in different applications.


Mattias Utbys
Business Development Manager Air Cleaners IAQ

Phone: +46 8 603 08 90