Biogasproduktion för värme och el i St. Albans

client information

AD plant solution provider

St. Albans, UK

June 2016

Energy from Waste

Clarke Energy design, manufacture and install BioGas combined heat and power generation plants through out the UK. They are one of the largest companies in a in a relatively new and growing industry sector. Camfil were contacted by Clarke Energy to provide protection to the gas engines used to generate heat and electricity from BioGas coming from the AD plant process. The BioGas produced is heavily laden with H2S (hydrogen sulphide), a gas that can cause corrosion and pitting inside the gas engine. A solution was required where a high level of abatement of H2S was possible and an easy filter media maintenance.


  • Flow rate: 1,500m3h-1
  • Rated System Pressure: 50,000Pa 
  • Contaminant : H2S  
  • High levels of H2S – Exact quantity unknown
  • Campure 32: 1700kg per unit


Camfil recommended and provided a unit from the ProCarb range of industrial molecular filters. Camfil’s HDB (Horizontal Deep Bed), which was sized to offer a long contact time for the Campure 32 molecular filtration media. This media is specific to Camfil, and made for the high efficiency removal of H2S.

Clarke energy did not have concentration level data for the expected H2S at this location, so Camfil utilised their unique life determination program, to offer an expected lifetime for a range of different concentration levels. This allowed the client to understand the effect differing levels of H2S will have on the lifetime of the media, and therefore plan maintenance appropriately.

Camfil provided 2 off units to run in a duty and standby arrangement so that one unit can have media maintenance whilst the other unit continues to provide protection for the gas engines.


The gas engine is now protected against the H2S gas ensuring its longevity. The Camfil HDB gas filtration unit is recognised as playing a vital key role in the processing of biogas at anaerobic digestion sites, to offer a clean and efficient level of gas for the engine burn. 

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