site analysis

Site Analysis

Turbomachinery equipment can be a major investment, therefore, it is essential that the background information is correct to be able to choose the most optimal and profitable solutions.

Turbomachinery is used in a variety of environments, from offshore to desert, with various degrees of natural and industrial pollution. Site contaminants, sizes and quantities vary from one environment to the other, and the level of protection required by your turbomachinery varies accordingly.

Site Survey

Camfil has developed extensive research and development capabilities in the field of air sampling and analysis. With an in-depth understanding of site conditions, Camfil’s technical experts will analyze your local site conditions and can offer the optimal recommendation based on your specific conditions and operational needs. With the goal of maximizing protection and minimizing operational and maintenance requirements, Camfil will also ensure that the recommended will generate the most profits for your site. 

Site Survey Scope

  • Ambient air analysis
    -Particle size and concentration
    -Chemical and gas analysis
    -Site corrosivity
    -Short-term or long-term analysis
  • Visual inspection of current configuration
  • Field measurements: noise assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Dimensional analysis to determine whether a retrofit is possible at site


Why Air Sampling?

  • Understand your site’s air quality – size distribution, concentration and chemical content of particles in ambient air will allow you to determine optimal filtration stages for specific environments.
  • Protect your turbomachinery – ensure filters with optimal efficiency are present, to protect from fouling and corrosion, and to maximize profitability.
  • Maximize output – less power degradation means more usable energy for your processes.