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At Camfil APC, we believe that breathing clean air in the workplace is a human right. So we developed our industry-leading customer support program called Camfil Cares. It’s our commitment to helping you keep your factory air safe and compliant.

Our role goes way beyond taking orders for dust collection systems (new window), filter cartridges (new window) and explosion protection products (new window). We start with a site visit. We help you evaluate the dusts and other airborne particles that your manufacturing processes produce. We do whatever it takes to assess your needs and recommend the best, most cost-effective equipment to solve your dust problems and comply with OSHA and NFPA standards.

And you get your new equipment FAST. With our innovative, modular design, we can configure, build and deliver your collectors in days, not weeks.


  • Site visits
  • Prompt response to calls and inquiries
  • Providing specs to guide your budget and bid process
  • Engineering, configuration and sizing of collectors to specific applications
  • Dust testing
  • Using ASHRAE test duct to compare filter and media options
  • Expertise with OSHA, EPA, ATEX and NFPA regulations and standards
  • NFPA compliance training