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Project Profile

Nestlé Corporation - Jonesboro, Arizona

Gold Series® dust collector

GS24 & GS16

Food processing



Nestlé wanted a turnkey installation and a guaranteed price for a dust collection system at their frozen dinner plant, where they produce products for Lean Cuisine and Stouffers. The application included dried food ingredients and actually called for two collectors to handle the various types of spices and additives. The customer had always bought Torit units, so getting Camfil APC’s foot in the door was the first hurdle.


The president of Camfil's Air Pollution Control (APC) unit made a presentation to Nestlé and worked with an engineer at the plant, which is in Camfil APC’s home town of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Result: Camfil APC turnkey designed, installed and built the 24- and 16-cartridge Gold Series systems, including duct work and custom hoods. The GS24 is on the “drys room” collecting spices and various food additives. The GS16  is on the “allergens room” collecting other dry ingredients that need more control in a dedicated room.

One of the unique features built into these units is the vertical explosion vent. Because the installations are in the middle of the building, one row of cartridge modules is empty to allow the vent to be directed up through the roof. Both GS systems have been installed since January 2003 and are still running on the same set of standard PTS filters for nearly two years now!

Publisert mandag 6. mai 2019