Støv er ikke en ingrediens

Støv er ikke en ingrediens

A Canadian-based provider of wholesale French and Asian-style cakes and pastries that ship to restaurants and grocery stores throughout North America turned to Camfil when it needed a dust collector. The requirements for the dust collector included the ability to collect flour, sugar, baking and dry mix dust from ingredients being dropped into mixers, augers and bin dumpers.

The airborne dust created during these processes is light, fine and has explosive properties. In addition to the explosive properties of the dust, other concerns included employee health and safety, product cross-contamination, and manufacturing equipment problems and failures caused by the airborne dust. The dust collector that was in place was undersized, poorly manufactured, and filter life was very short.

Camfil developed a plan that included Gold Series (with 16 cartridge filters) combined with different source capture equipment including food-grade extraction arms. Modifications were made to the processing equipment and workflow practices were adjusted to help reduce and eliminate major dust.

The Gold Series helped create a safe, clean and efficient work environment for the employees. The Gold Series dust collector also helped the company obtain the certifications it needed.

According to the owner, one of the biggest accomplishments was that “the employees no longer have to wear dust masks while they work and waste is down substantially as well”.

The Gold Series installation took place working around the existing infrastructure and without interrupting the food production environment workflow. The Gold Series Dust collector is operating efficiently for two work shifts seven days a week.

Publisert tirsdag 4. juli 2023