Gold Series X-Flo

  • Ľahko prispôsobiteľný dizajn pre jednotlivé moduly
  • Jednotlivé moduly umožňujú prietok vzduchu až do 10 194 m³/h
  • Každý modul HemiPleat Gold cone X-Flo obsahuje štyri filtračné patróny Gold Cone X-Flo patróny sú vybavené patentovanou vnútornou štruktúrou patróny Gold Cone. Tento vnútorný kužeľ s otvoreným dnom výrazne rozširuje využiteľnú plochu patrón.

Súvisiace produkty

Články súvisiace s Gold Series X-Flo

Dust extraction for a packaging line at a sugar coated candy producer

Handling dust produced due to sugar can be challenging as it is explosive, sticky and abrasive. In this facility, the customer produces soft gummy sweet sugar coated candy and required an efficient and reliable dust extraction solution for a new packaging line.

Air quality Case Studies Food and beverage

How to remove high concentration of particles in metal industry

Welding, grinding and laser/plasma cutting processes produce huge amounts of fine PM1 particles and various harmful gases that cannot be removed from the indoor air by ventilation alone.

Air quality Manufacturing and Machinery

Food Ingredients and Dust

A Canadian-based provider of wholesale French and Asian-style cakes and pastries that ship to restaurants and grocery stores throughout North America turned to Camfil when it needed a dust collector. The requirements for the dust collector included the ability to collect flour, sugar, baking and dry mix dust from ingredients being dropped into mixers, augers and bin dumpers.

Case Studies Food and beverage

Food Producer Builds Appetite For Gold Series®

Case Study. Food Producer Builds Appetite For Gold Series. Nestle wanted a turnkey installation and a guaranteed price for a dust collection system at their frozen dinner plant. The application called for two collectors to handle the various types of spices and additives.

Case Studies

Midwest PMS

Case Study: Eliminating Dust Clouds At Midwest PMS. Midwest PMS is a manufacturer of liquid supplements for livestock that are custom blended per order to various customers in the US. Their fully automated batching system combines an order’s various ingredients by weight.

Case Studies

JPW Companies

Case Study: Gold Series Blasts Competitor Dust Collector. JPW Companies offers a wide variety of products built to last for manufacturing companies. Installed on a blasting machine, JPW Companies originally installed a competitor's dust collector to manage the facility.

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