Manufacturing Industry Air Cleaners

In the Manufacturing Industry Air Quality can be compromised by the production processes.Camfil Industrial Air Cleaners are designed to protect your People, Products and Processes


To best understand the severity of your Indoor Air Quality problem measurements are often needed to be taken. For Industrial Air Cleaners, two different Air Quality Measurements may be needed.

Particle Concentration

A particle concentration test is a free test Camfil offer to Industrial premises. Using particle counters can highlight the high levels of concentration of different particle sizes that may be affecting your people, products or processes

Dust Analysis

Sometimes the Dust/contamination source is not as obvious as it may seem. In this case a Dust Analysis may be needed to ensure that any solution that is offered will meet the key deliverables of the project. The Dust is sent to one of Camfils Research Centres Laboratories for further examination


To best understand the findings of each Measurement technique an Indoor Air Quality Report is presented to show Camfils Findings

Air Report – Camfil utilise our own Indoor Air Quality Measurement and Reporting software to present customers with an easy to read report on the Air Quality within their building. This can Identify the levels of Particle Concentrations throughout your facility and identify problem areas.

The Dust Analysis will identify the type of Dust that is present within the facility and will help identify the source of the contamination


Using your new Indoor Air Quality report, the problems that are present in your facility should be identified. Using this information, a solution will be provided. Working alongside our customer we will set key deliverables for the project before identifying any solution. This is to ensure customer satisfaction Camfil have a full range of Industrial Air Cleaners that can be utilised to solve your factories Indoor Air Quality problems


At Camfil we aim to become your companies IAQ partners and we offer support to ensure that the solution that we have offered is meeting the key deliverables agreed for the project. Camfil offer training for product operation as well as addition IAQ reports to ensure that the solution achieves exactly what we promise

Unlike many other Industrial Air Cleaners, Camfil Air Cleaners utilise EN1822:2009 Tested and Certified HEPA filters to ensure maximum performance. Camfil have a full range of Air Cleaners that can be configured to suit your facility. This could be Ceiling Mounted where floor space is an issue

During construction works there is an increase release of the Aspergillus into the atmosphere. Aspergillus can be deadly to high risk, low immune patients. During construction works all hospital windows must be sealed shut and the air must be filtered adequately in the patient rooms to avoid the risk of contamination.

This is completely dependent on the level of air quality needed to be achieved and the levels of Dust that enter the system. When setting project deliverables Camfil will identify the full project cost including the number of filter changes that will be needed.

Camfil have 26 manufacturing plants worldwide and many more sales offices. Contact us today and we will get your nearest sales office to contact you –

Camfils Air Cleaners Units are used in a variety of different Industries. Find out how Georgian Gates have utilised Industrial Air Cleaners to protect their employees from Welding and grinding fumes

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