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Case Studies

Tönnies-yhtymän lihanjalostuslaitos - Ilmanlaadun nopea ja helppo parantaminen tuotannossa

Lihanjalostusteollisuudessa keskitytään suuresti ilmanvaihtotekniikkaan virusten leviämisen estämiseksi. Koska tuotannon ilmanvaihdon yksiselitteisiä standardeja ei ole, on tuotannosta vastaavien joskus hyvin vaikea tietää, mitä laitoksen puhtaan ilman vaatimuksiksi tulisi asettaa. Lue miten ilmanlaatuhaasteet ratkaistiin Tönnies-yhtymän lihanjalostuksen tuotannossa.

Ruoka ja juoma Virusten leviämisen hallinta Case Studies Ilmanpuhdistimet

Gas Turbines Breathe New Life

Camfil helps customer increase power output with a lower carbon intensity. In an effort to increase the performance of the gas turbines, Camfil Power Systems was asked to optimize the existing filtration system for three paper factories.

Case Studies

Ilmansuodattimet auttavat kuntosaleja pysymään kunnossa asiakkaidensa vuoksi

Kuntosalilla käymisen on tarkoitus pitää sinut terveenä - kuntosalien sisäilma voi kuitenkin olla täynnä epäpuhtauksia, jotka ovat haitallisia asiakkaille ja työntekijöille.

Julkiset kiinteistöt Case Studies Ilmanpuhdistimet

Food Ingredients and Dust

A Canadian-based provider of wholesale French and Asian-style cakes and pastries that ship to restaurants and grocery stores throughout North America turned to Camfil when it needed a dust collector. The requirements for the dust collector included the ability to collect flour, sugar, baking and dry mix dust from ingredients being dropped into mixers, augers and bin dumpers.

Case Studies

Lue kuinka Camfil estää katutason ilman saastumisen poistamalla typpidioksidia Hongkongin tunnelista

Maailman suurimman tunnelissa sijaitsevan ilmanpuhdistusjärjestelmän tavoitteena on vähentää hiilidioksidipäästöjä 11 000 tonnilla vuodessa. YK:n ympäristöohjelman mukaan 92 prosenttia Aasian ja Tyynenmeren alueen ihmisistä altistuu korkealle ilmansaastemäärälle, mikä aiheuttaa merkittäviä terveysriskejä.

Kestävä Kehitys Case Studies Ilmanlaatu

Grocery Store Case Study

Premium air filters help global grocer significantly improve air quality and reduce maintenance costs, waste and storage

Case Studies

Food and Beverage Producer

Case Study: Our client had noticed that although Carbon panel filters were initially a solution, the solution was only short term and the panels needed to be changed frequently in order to reduction of odours.

Case Studies

LNG & Air Filtration

Case Study: Achieving high reliability and availability compression systems for LNG export sites.

Case Studies

Thermal cutting fume and dust

Case Study: Metal processing and fabrication company acts to protect employee health by installing Gold Series dust collector

Case Studies

A Pressing Matter Solved by Handte EM Profi

Case Study: Camfil APC was approached by the company to recommend suitable mist extraction equipment with the provision that it was easy to maintain.

Case Studies

Camfil designs a compact SOLUTION on existing platform

Case Study: The units are exposed to harsh environmental conditions that lead to spikes in pressure drop (dP) and excessive engine degradation from fouling and corrosion. As a result, the customer was forced to schedule unwanted shutdowns for maintenance.

Case Studies

BioGas production for heat and power in St.Albans

Case Study: The BioGas produced is heavily laden with H2S (hydrogen sulphide), a gas that can cause corrosion and pitting inside the gas engine. A solution was required where a high level of abatement of H2S was possible and an easy filter media maintenance.

Case Studies

CamGT Filters Reduce Noise & Bring Additional Profits Due To Lower Pressure Drop

Case Study: Noise complaints from neighboring communities prompted the plants to evaluate a noise-reducing filtration system.

Case Studies

H.C. Ørstedsværket

During the process of removing the four, 28 meter high boilers, a lot of environmentally harmful materials must be handled, and the demolition process will create dust and smoke, which cannot be spread outside the building.

Case Studies

Manufacturing: Georgian gates

Case Study: Metal Fabrication Workshop Improves IAQ. Increase production efficiency, reduce your environmental impact and keep your shop and workers safe. Camfil industrial air cleaners work hard for Georgian Gates, so they can focus on getting the job done.

Case Studies

Hospitals & Healthcare: St. James Hospital Dublin

Case Study: St James Hospital Prevents Aspergillus. Healthcare facilities must maintain the highest levels of cleanliness to promote health and healing. Camfil provides air cleaners for these environments. St. James Hospitaal in Dublin used Camfil for Aspergillus prevention.

Take a breath Julkiset kiinteistöt Case Studies Biotieteet ja terveydenhuolto

Varastointi & Logistiikka: DB Schenker

Case Study: DB Schenker Puhdistaa Jakelukeskuksensa. Camfilin asiakkaat luottavat meidän ratkaisumme suojelevan heidän työntekijöitään saastuneelta sisäilmalta. Videolla näet, miten maailman johtava kuljetusyhtiö puhdistaa jakelukeskuksensa sisäilman Camfilin avulla.

Case Studies Ilmanlaatu Ilmanpuhdistimet

Ruoka & Juoma: Maailman johtava Virvoitusjuomavalmistaja

Case Study: Puhdasta ilmaa johtavalle virvoitusjuomien valmistajalle. Ilma on ainoa ainesosa elintarvike- ja juomateollisuudessa, mikä koskettaa jokaista tuotannon jokaista prosessia aina tuotteiden varastoinnista pakkaamiseen. Miten voimme auttaa pitämään elintarvikeprosessit turvallisina?

Tuotanto ja logistiikka Ruoka ja juoma Case Studies

Fermentation Odours

Case Study: Odour Solution For Pharmaceutical Company. There was a distinct odour in the manufacturer's lab and cold storage area, and employee complaints of nuisance odour eventually circulated to management where the concern was escalated.

Case Studies

Camtain® Contains Explosive Pharma Dust

Case Study: Camtain Contains Explosive Pharma Dust. A multinational pharmaceutical company needed a dust extraction system for their new tableting suite in Spain. The suite comprised of six rooms, each with its own tablet machine that created explosive dusts.

Case Studies

Food Producer Builds Appetite For Gold Series®

Case Study. Food Producer Builds Appetite For Gold Series. Nestle wanted a turnkey installation and a guaranteed price for a dust collection system at their frozen dinner plant. The application called for two collectors to handle the various types of spices and additives.

Case Studies

High Performance GTC Media Filters For Humid Conditions

Case Study: Huadian Beats The Heat With Camfil. An upgrade to the CamPulse GTC filters maximised availability during the critical heating season for a Huadian plant, located in the Tianjin development zone in China. The original system could not perform during peak season.

Case Studies

Dalkia Upgrades To EPA Class

Case Study: Camfil Wins Dalkia Over Four Competitors. Dalkia designed 12 testing benches to compare four air filtration combinations on three sites in France with different operating environments. Four competitors were free to select their best combinations.

Case Studies

Tata Power Trombay Retrofit

Case Study: Retrofit Solutions For Tata Power Ltd. Based on the site survey, Camfil proposed replacement of the pulse filter system with a three-stage static/barrier filter system, considering the local environment filled with refineries and a thermal power plant nearby.

Turbiinit ja turbokompressorit Case Studies

Norland Managed Services

Case Study: Indoor Air Quality Worth The Investment. This major bank is one of the world‘s largest financial institutions. Norland Managed services are the Facilities Management provider for their 600,000 square feet London office building, in central London.

Case Studies

Global Leader In Beverage Industry Cuts Annual Filter Use By More Than 80 Percent

Case Study: Bottled Water Producer Reduces Labour And Waste. One of the largest global food companies and a global leader in the bottled water industry, read about how this company turned to Camfil to help meet its strong commitment to health, hydration and the environment in particular.

Case Studies

A Breath of Fresh Air In The Logistic Sector 

Case Study: A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Logistics Sector. Two large warehouses of are used for interim storage of components. With stock moved on a daily basis, the stored components soon gather dust. The availability of staff and maintaining their health is top priority.

Case Studies Ilmanpuhdistimet

North Sea Oil Rig

Case Study: North Sea Oil Rig Accommodation Areas. Employees at the North Sea Oil Rig needed cleaner air in common spaces such as television rooms and accommodation spaces. Find out how Camfil and MSV Regalia improved the air with 24/7 usage of a filtration system.

Case Studies


A Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis proved the Camfil Durafil filter operated at a 24% lower energy cost per year than the Viledon T-60. The Camfil product would save the customer $14 per filter per year versus the alternative.

Julkiset kiinteistöt Case Studies

Auto Body Shop

Case Study: Protecting Family-Owned Auto Body Shop. With a reputation as the best in their area, the third generation, family-owned body shop rehabilitates the exterior of foreign and domestic vehicles as well as motorcycles, specialising in classic and specialty cars.

Case Studies

JPW Companies

Case Study: Gold Series Blasts Competitor Dust Collector. JPW Companies offers a wide variety of products built to last for manufacturing companies. Installed on a blasting machine, JPW Companies originally installed a competitor's dust collector to manage the facility.

Case Studies

Cofely UK

Case Study: Clean Air For Cofely United Kingdom. Cofely, a GDF Suez company, is one of the leading experts in energy, technology and facilities management services with business outsourcing. Camfil provides City air purifiers to improve IAQ.

Case Studies

Midwest PMS

Case Study: Eliminating Dust Clouds At Midwest PMS. Midwest PMS is a manufacturer of liquid supplements for livestock that are custom blended per order to various customers in the US. Their fully automated batching system combines an order’s various ingredients by weight.

Case Studies

Camfil mittaa ilmanlaatua Hornsgatanilla Ruotsissa

Hornsgatan on jo useita vuosia nimetty Ruotsin epäpuhtaimmaksi kaduksi ilmansaasteiden vuoksi. Hornsgatanilla ilmassa leijuu suuria määriä epäpuhtauksia. Kuinka tämä vaikuttaa asukkaisiin?

Case Studies Ilmanlaatu

Camfil Serves Up Savings in Energy, Filter Costs, and Labour

Case Study: Filter Savings At Frozen Food Manufacturer. Three air handling units supplied air to critical processing areas in one of the USA's largest frozen food manufacturing facilities. The pre and final filter combination saved the plant over $33,000 per year.

Case Studies

Koulu oppii puhtaan sisäilman edut

Camfil teki yhteistyötä Iso-Britannialaisen koulun kanssa parantaakseen sisäilman laatua koeviikkojen aikana. Koulu käytti Camfilin ilmanpuhdistinta liikuntasaleissa, joissa kokeet pidettiin - ja oppi kuinka tärkeää puhdas ilma on muun muassa keskittymisen kannalta.

Take a breath Julkiset kiinteistöt Case Studies Ilmanlaatu

Auburndale Power plant

Case Study: Auburndale Power Plant Weathers The Elements. The plant was experiencing high pressure drop and short filter life. In reviewing the situation it was determined that the hot and humid climate of Florida was degrading the performance of the filter. What was the solution?

Case Studies

Pfizer Improved Air Quality While Cutting Energy Costs

Case Study: Pfizer Prioritises Energy Reduction Project. Camfil secured a supply and installation contract at the Pfizer Global Research and Development Campus in South-East Kent, UK that improved air quality and saves over £2 million.

Case Studies


Case Study: Air Cleaner Solves Health & Dust Issue. The DB Schenker logistics centre in Önnestad, Sweden now successfully deploys Camfil CamCleaner 6000s for filtering and purifying air in hall areas. Commissioning the CamCleaners did not require major structural alterations.

Case Studies Ilmanpuhdistimet

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