Ilmansuodatus energiantuotantojärjestelmille


Ilmansuodatuksella on merkittävä rooli esimerkiksi tuuli-, lämpö-, ydin- ja biokaasuenergian tuotannossa. Ilmansuodattimet ovat ratkaisevan tärkeitä prosessin turvallisuuden ja tehokkuuden kannalta.

Innovatiiviset ilmansuodatusratkaisut voivat olla kilpailluilla ja säännellyillä markkinoilla kilpailuetu, jolla on merkittävä vaikutus toiminnan kannattavuuteen. Kun tuotantolaitoksen olosuhteet ovat tiedossa, tuloilmajärjestelmät voidaan optimoida toiminta- ja kunnossapitotarpeiden mukaisesti, huoltovälejä voidaan pidentää ja tuotantovolyymia lisätä.

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Power Systems ja kestävä kehitys

Camfil Power Systems tarjoaa suodatus- ja akustiikkaratkaisuja turbiinitehtaisiin, mukaan lukien kaasuturbiinit, generaattorit, teollisuusilmakompressorit ja dieselmoottorit.

Kestävä Kehitys Turbiinit ja turbokompressorit

Katso ja opi

Minkälainen vaikutus ilmansuodatuksella on kaasuturbiineihin?

Opi ja koe Turbiinit ja turbokompressorit

Improve operational stability and lower cost by chosen product as per climate

Case Study: In the gas turbine of a power plant in east China, Camfil China upgraded its pulse filter and retrofitted the prefilter from panel type to pocket type, new solution have been continuously running for more than 9500EOH, while original solution’s lifetime to pressure drop alarm value is less than 2000EOH.

Camfil designs a compact SOLUTION on existing platform

Case Study: The units are exposed to harsh environmental conditions that lead to spikes in pressure drop (dP) and excessive engine degradation from fouling and corrosion. As a result, the customer was forced to schedule unwanted shutdowns for maintenance.

Case Studies

BioGas production for heat and power in St.Albans

Case Study: The BioGas produced is heavily laden with H2S (hydrogen sulphide), a gas that can cause corrosion and pitting inside the gas engine. A solution was required where a high level of abatement of H2S was possible and an easy filter media maintenance.

Case Studies

CamGT Filters Reduce Noise & Bring Additional Profits Due To Lower Pressure Drop

Case Study: Noise complaints from neighboring communities prompted the plants to evaluate a noise-reducing filtration system.

Case Studies

H.C. Ørstedsværket

During the process of removing the four, 28 meter high boilers, a lot of environmentally harmful materials must be handled, and the demolition process will create dust and smoke, which cannot be spread outside the building.

Case Studies

Suola & Korroosio

Gas Turbine Application: Do you operate in a coastal or offshore site? Unfortunately, you probably have to deal with corrosion related issues. You can, however, operate corrosion-free if you take the right measures.

Turbiinit ja turbokompressorit

Miten valita oikea suodatusratkaisu?

Turbomachinery: Air inlet filtration systems should be designed to suit the environment. Because of market pressures, a general design has been used in widely varying environment conditions. Before making your purchase, get an assessment.

Turbiinit ja turbokompressorit

Suodattimien vaihtostategiat

Gas Turbine Application: The quality of air inlet filters is essential for optimal gas turbine performance. Protecting the turbine with site-specific filtration solutions will assure profits are kept high.

Turbiinit ja turbokompressorit

High Performance GTC Media Filters For Humid Conditions

Case Study: Huadian Beats The Heat With Camfil. An upgrade to the CamPulse GTC filters maximised availability during the critical heating season for a Huadian plant, located in the Tianjin development zone in China. The original system could not perform during peak season.

Case Studies

Dalkia Upgrades To EPA Class

Case Study: Camfil Wins Dalkia Over Four Competitors. Dalkia designed 12 testing benches to compare four air filtration combinations on three sites in France with different operating environments. Four competitors were free to select their best combinations.

Case Studies

Tata Power Trombay Retrofit

Case Study: Retrofit Solutions For Tata Power Ltd. Based on the site survey, Camfil proposed replacement of the pulse filter system with a three-stage static/barrier filter system, considering the local environment filled with refineries and a thermal power plant nearby.

Turbiinit ja turbokompressorit Case Studies

Cofely UK

Case Study: Clean Air For Cofely United Kingdom. Cofely, a GDF Suez company, is one of the leading experts in energy, technology and facilities management services with business outsourcing. Camfil provides City air purifiers to improve IAQ.

Case Studies

Auburndale Power plant

Case Study: Auburndale Power Plant Weathers The Elements. The plant was experiencing high pressure drop and short filter life. In reviewing the situation it was determined that the hot and humid climate of Florida was degrading the performance of the filter. What was the solution?

Case Studies

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