Hi-Cap ® XLS

Bag filter for prefiltration applications with plastic frame. With it's optimized filter area and conial filter bags, the lifetime of this bag filters is advanced. Available in 3 different bag lengths in Coarse 60% according to ISO16890.

  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Flat pressure drop curve
  • Comprehensive range of standard sizes
  • Innovative pocket design for optimum air distribution
  • Conical pockets
  • ICON7 iso16890.ai
  • ICON31 Mount_bagfilters
Item Type ISO/PM rating Filter Class EN779 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Initial (Pa) Pockets (no.)
HF XLS 90/35-66 Coarse 60% G4 592 592 360 3400 50 6
HF XLS 90/35-36 Coarse 60% G4 287 592 360 1700 50 3
HF XLS 90/35-56 Coarse 60% G4 490 592 360 2800 50 5


Prevention of dust and dirt build up on heating/cooling coils within ventilation systems
Filter Frame
Plastic moulded
Max temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity
Max final pressure drop, EN 13053
Initial pressure drop + 50 Pa or initial pressure drop x3 (whichever is lower)
Dimension standard
Filter front dimensions according EN 15805
Installation options
Front and side access housings and frames are available, Type 8 and FC Housings.
Max Airflow
1,25 x nominal flow

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