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The Camfil experience has been designed as an interactive Virtual Reality Platform designed to educate end users on the importance of Indoor Air Quality. The Camfil Experience has many unique features including

  • A 360 VR video designed to understand the different particles within the Air
  • An AHU experience – Understanding the Inner working of your AHU has never been easier with our AHU system… Learn about the different filtration stages and how particles effect your system
  • The CleanSeal Experience – Learn how to install a HEPA filter in a Cleanroom Terminal Housing… train your staff for safe installation of your Terminal Filter Housing to maintain clean air in your facility
  • The Gold Series Experience – Learn how to change out a Gold Series Dust Collectors filters… Learn what makes the Gold Series the ideal dust collector for your facility
  • The Camsafe Experience – Learn and Train staff on the Safe Change filter process. Ensure staff are properly trained to change out filter even in hazardous environments

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The Camfil experience is ideal for users of HVAC filters, air cleaners, dust collection systems or clean room filtration. All respondents will be prequalified to ensure the Camfil experience will be important to them

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