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Energy-Saving Air Filter Program 

5-Star Energy Cost Index Rating for Air Filters

Setting The standard for Air filter performance.

More stars  =  better performance  =  Higher energy Savings

What is the Energy Cost Index (ECI) Star Rating System?

Just by using the highest-rated ECI air filters, facilities across North America are significantly reducing their energy consumption which translates into major savings to their bottom line.  Not only are facilities saving energy and money, but they are also reaping the benefits of cleaner indoor air.  5-Star rated air filters are the highest-ranking filter that will ensure optimal filter performance and maximum energy savings.  Best of all, organizations can now demonstrate to their staff, visitors, and community the importance their business has placed on being environmentally conscious.

Today more than ever companies are continually challenged to do their part to save energy, shrink waste, and reduce carbon footprint . . . the ECI program recognizes companies for doing just that.  Also front and center of the Energy Cost Index program is the focus on decreasing total material and overhead costs — all while improving the quality of the air employees and visitors breathe.

How Air Filters can save Energy 

All air filters exhibit a resistance to airflow.  As filters load with particulate, the resistance increases.  The increase in resistance requires the fan to consume more electricity in order to maintain the desired airflow to the occupied space.  However, facilities that switch to high-performance air filters quickly benefit from significant energy savings.  Learn more . . . click here to watch the video.

Be A Part of Camfil's ECI Award Program

When a facility qualifies for ECI recognition, the company is awarded a plaque engraved with the organization’s name and the year the 5-Star ECI status was achieved.  Designed for display in public areas of the building, this annual award recognizes a business for the application of 5-Star air filtration products in a continuing effort to save energy and improve/maintain indoor air quality. For every year thereafter, if 5-Star ECI status is maintained, the facility will receive an additional plaque indicating the year the 5-Star ECI status was awarded.

The requirements to apply are simple. A facility must first install 5-Star ECI products in the air handling system.

  • If an HVAC system has multiple stages, at least one stage downstream of the prefilter must be a 5-Star rated product. 
  • If an HVAC system is a single-stage, then the filter must be a 5-Star rated product.

The qualification process then begins with the local Camfil agent completing the ECI application for submittal.  Once approved by Camfil's regional management staff, the company will be officially awarded a recognition plaque acknowledging the achieved 5-Star ECI status. 

What Does a Company do to Start the Qualify Process?

For an organization to research this opportunity further or to initiate the qualifying process, just submit the requested information using the online form.  Camfil will follow up with the appropriate air filtration advisor to start the process. 

             START THE QUALIFYING PROCESS HERE...                           

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