What's our secret?


We are proud no other air filtration manufacturer achieves a track record like ours in sustainability. Camfil is the first to recognize, embrace and highlight the importance of sustainable air filtration, and we grow our business each year in a sustainable way.

What's our secret?  

  • To emphasize sustainability and become the number one sustainable air filtration company in the world, we launched an internal program in 2009, CamfilCairing, and published our first corporate sustainability report on a voluntary basis.
  • Camfil is the first filter manufacturer to introduce life-cycle costing (LCC) software, which allows the optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings.
  • Camfil is actively involved in the standardization of air filters, and we introduced energy ratings for our filters before Eurovent Certita‚Äôs energy classification system was adopted.
  • Each year, the Camfil Group shows steady financial growth. We take our social responsibility seriously by providing optimum working conditions for our employees, backed by strong human resource management and local employee care and health program. This global workforce helps us to steadily increase our annual sales and earnings so we can contribute to economic growth globally.

We actively work with our mission - clean air, a human right. We are constantly making progress, and our dedication and commitment to this cause will never fade. 

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