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Filters are integral to all our offerings and constitute the largest part of our business. Our air filters can be as small as a matchbox or as large as a shipping container. But whatever their size, the end product is clean air – free of harmful pollutants, dust, dirt, allergens, contaminants, molecular gases and, in some cases, even life-threatening radiation.

By providing clean air, our filters improve people’s health and performance, protect critical manufacturing processes, boost productivity and safeguard the environment.


We offer the most energy-efficient filters for public and commercial buildings. These products deliver clean air for high indoor air quality (IAQ). At the same time, they help building owners reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

For urban environments with air pollution, we offer ePM1-classified filters according to the new ISO 16890 standard and ozone-rated City filters that combine particle and molecular filtration.

In manufacturing environments, our filters and clean air solutions are crucial for protecting advanced or sensitive manufacturing processes, or for combating airborne molecular contamination or microbiological contamination.

In the healthcare sector, hospitals use Camfil filtration systems to eliminate infectious airborne contaminants.

And in the nuclear power industry, Camfil is the leader in particulate filtration, gas-phase filtration and containment with successful installations all over the world. We have leveraged our experience in containment to develop advanced bio-containment systems and filter housings for high-risk research facilities and biosafety labs.

AIR FILTERS FOR Quality  Indoor air

You will find many of our energy-efficient air filters in the air handling units (AHUs) of ventilation systems in buildings like schools, offices, homes, hospitals and airports. Camfil air filters work hard to provide a clean, healthy and productive indoor environment with high IAQ.

We offer a large range of high-quality, rigorously tested solutions that clean the indoor air for nearly any filtration or containment need. Camfil provides products and services to facility management companies, government agencies, public and commercial buildings, offices, schools, and companies providing ventilation and air conditioning services.

In North America, compact filters with pleated filter media are  common, although bag filters are also starting to gain ground. Our filters in this market include the energy-saving Farr 30/30®, 30/30 Dual 9Hi-Flo ES and Durafil® ES filters.

Large-surface Hi-Flo ES models make a popular choice for energy-efficient solutions and Durafil ES for situations that require a compact solution.

Camfil air filtration solutions also offer a line of standalone air purifiers and industrial air cleaners in fit-for-purpose designs. These include the CamCleaner air cleaners and the compact City M and CC500 air purifiers for particulate and molecular filtration in offices and retail settings.
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