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dust, fume and mist extraction solutions for industrial applications

Almost all industrial manufacturing processes generate emissions in the form of dust, fume, smoke, or mist. These emissions need to be captured from the process before they are released into the ambient air and spread to the workspace. Using a well-balanced extraction system provides the needed protection for employees, combined with efficient filtration equipment that will yield low energy consumption and supports preservation of the environment.

At Camfil, we realize each industry has to deal with its own unique set of challenges and concerns regarding protecting operators, processes, and the environment from harmful emissions. Industrial manufacturers have to address issues such as workplace exposure limits, combustion and explosion, cross-contamination, or local legislation around health, safety and the environment. For more industry-specific information about what you have to consider when determining an extraction solution for your process, please click on one of the industry pages below.

Dangerous dust is everywhere

Most industrial facilities generate dust when products are manufactured, processed and packaged. Dust is so common it's easy to forget that it can actually be quite dangerous to the health of employees and the safety of your facility. Therefore manufacturers are required to comply with exposure limits using effective housekeeping regimes and appropriate dust collection systems to imporve IAQ in the workspace.

filter elements


Filter elements for industrial extraction systems

Filter elements are the integral component of any dust collector or mist separator and affect the separation efficiency as well as the energy efficiency of the entire extraction system. Camfil´s high-quality filter elements are available with different filter media, each providing special properties to ensure best filtration performance on various applications and emissions as well as an optimized filter life.

Also available:  Retrofit filters in different lengths, diameters and with different flanges to perfectly fit into the most common industrial dry dust and fume extraction systems on the market.

Consulting is a matter of trust

We would be glad to get to know you personally in an initial consultation or at an on-site appointment to learn more about your specific manufacturing processes, the emissions to be extracted, and the installation environment in your facility. Based on this information, we will provide you with a non-binding tailor-made offer for one of our extraction systems that meets the respective application's requirements. Ask us!

filtration technologies Camfil offers

Dry filtration solutions are used in different industries such as metalworking, food and beverage or pharma and perform on a wide variety of challenging industrial applications, handling harmful, combustible dust and fumes including fine, fibrous, abrasive or heavy dust loads.

The so-called dust and fume collectors are cleanable filtration solutions that are mainly used when the concentration of the air pollution in a facility is at or above 0.05 mg/m³ and a stationary filter leads to short filter life.

Dry dust and fume collectors utilize filter elements to separate airborne particles from the airstream. The filters get cleaned by a pulse of compressed air and the particles are discharged to a collection bin.

Camfil´s dust and fume extraction systems provide a near-limitless variety of configurations and airflow capabilities which is why the units are easily adaptable to specific work environments and spatial conditions. For example, the dust collectors can be tailored with optional explosion protection or containment systems to provide the necessary safety. 

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Wet filtration is mostly used on industrial processes which release dust and other particles that are difficult or impossible to handle with dry filtration solutions like explosive, combustible, sticky or fibrous dust.

While dry dust and fume collectors are equipped with filter elements to collect particles from the airflow, wet filtration systems use water as filter media. The functional principle of the so-called wet scrubbers uses the principle of mass inertia, through which the particle-laden process exhaust air is integrated into fine water droplets, thereby increasing the mass of the particles and thus safely separated. Afterward, the cleaned air can be returned back into production or out of the facility. The collected wastewater and the filtered solid substances have to be divided and disposed of correctly via appropriate waste streams. 

Wet scrubbers can be classified according to design features or method of liquid feed. The selection of the scrubber type is application-specific and depends on the required air volume, the pollutants to be separated, the particle size and the dust load in the process exhaust air.

Camfil offers Venturi and Vortex wet scrubbers. Whereas Venturi scrubbers are the best solution to handle fine particles with high dust loads, Vortex scrubbers are used to remove coarse particles with light to medium dust loads from exhaust gas streams. 

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Depending on the application and the processed material, machine tools use different liquids such as emulsion, oil, or MQL for cooling the tools within the machine, to clean the workpiece during the processing procedure, or for chip disposal. As those metalworking fluids are injected with high pressure together with the speed of the tools, the fluids vaporize and create a coolant mist inside the working area of the machines. 

Before opening the doors for changing tools or workpieces, the coolant mist has to be extracted from the working area of the machine. This is mandatory to protect the workers' occupational health, to eliminate safety risks, and to control indoor air quality.

Machining mist collectors can be used as centralized or decentralized extraction solutions or for direct machine tool integration. Due to the latest filter technologies, Camfil´s industrial mist collectors combine the advantages of filtering separators and coalescence separators and provide the best filtration efficiencies together with low energy consumption and long filter lifetimes. 

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Created Thursday, December 1, 2022

Welding, grinding and laser/plasma cutting processes produce huge amounts of fine PM1 particles and various harmful gases that cannot be removed from the indoor air by ventilation alone.

Manufacturing and Machinery Air quality

Eliminated downtime and minimized heating costs for Dyna-Mig

Created Thursday, May 12, 2022

Dyna Mig had a competitor dust collector solution that regularly caused costly downtime. With the help of Camfil’s expertise and a flagship Camfil Gold Series GSX dust collector system, Dyna Mig was able to eliminate all unscheduled downtime and cut their heating costs to a minimum – as well as work safer.

Manufacturing and Machinery Case Studies Energy and Power Systems

Container manufacturer AMG

Created Thursday, May 12, 2022

Camfil has provided container manufacturer AMG with a much more effective dust and fume extraction system offering higher filtration rates. A system that is also more sustainable thanks to reduced energy consumption and longer filter lifetime.

Manufacturing and Machinery Case Studies Energy and Power Systems

Food Ingredients and Dust

Created Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Canadian-based provider of wholesale French- and Asian-style cakes and pastries that ship to restaurants and grocery stores throughout North America turned to Camfil when it needed a dust collector. The requirements for the dust collector included the ability to collect flour, sugar, baking, and dry mix dust from ingredients being dropped into mixers, augers, and bin dumpers.

Food and beverage Case Studies

Camtain® Contains Explosive Pharma Dust

Created Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Case Study: Camtain Contains Explosive Pharma Dust. A multinational pharmaceutical company needed a dust extraction system for their new tableting suite in Spain. The suite comprised of six rooms, each with its own tablet machine that created explosive dusts.

Case Studies Life science and healthcare

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