Life Cycle Cost Analysis - LCC Green

Life Cycle Costing Software

Camfil introduced filter life-cycle costing software in the early nineties. Over the years, It has evolved to include data from hundreds of filters, both Camfil and competitive. The latest version, Camfil LCC Green, considers filter efficiency, filter life, filter change labor, filter cost, and disposal costs and allows for varied inputs for all of these factors plus the largest filter expense, energy usage. The program data is based upon real-life data collected at facilities worldwide for real-world results as opposed to theoretical calculations.

Although behind-the-scenes calculations are intricate, the inputs are relatively simple. They include filter efficiency (with selection choices based upon recommendations from cognizant authorities) and cost parameters for the filter, labor, energy and disposal costs. There is even input criteria with guidance to enter the specific air quality parameters for a geographic area base upon data from cognizant authorities such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Calculation Example: 
In Example 1 below, a MERV 13, MERV-A 13 air filter was selected which is typically used in an industrialized urban area. We selected 4000 annual operating hours with an airflow of 2000 cfm. In the second example, the same filter efficiency was used, but another filter was selected with less filtering media and a slightly higher pressure drop:  0.08" w.g.

The consequence in just energy use is staggering, $25.62 per year, per filter. Additional costs that are often overlooked are also presented in the data. Contact your local Camfil Distributor for an analysis of your total cost of ownership for the air filters in your system.

Example 1 Example 2
Initial Pressure Drop (inches w.g.) 0.42 0.50
Average Pressure Drop (inches w.g.) 0.64 0.78
Filters, Labor, Disposal, Cleaning $67.10 $67.10
Energy $128.10 $153.72
Total LCC $195.20 $238.15

Decades of air filtration data

Air filter performance data collected from over decades of testing air filtration products across the industry is contained within Camfil’s proprietary Life Cycle Cost software.   LCC models the existing conditions and predicts the actual operating costs in air handling units. Camfil can then validate the findings of the LCC model through side-by-side testing.
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