Air filtration for Data Centers

Data Centers

There’s no time for downtime at a data center. Keep your precious equipment – and people’s businesses – up and running with high-efficiency air filtration solutions.

Data center customers around the world rely on Camfil’s air filtration solutions to maintain the flow of clean air and the flow of data. Not only do they help provide a healthy, safe indoor environment free from harmful air contaminants, but they can reduce the energy consumption of your power-hungry IT equipment.

Why indoor air quality is mission critical in data CENTERS

Now more than ever, mission-critical data centers require high security and reliability. Indoor air quality plays a crucial role in keeping data centers, server racks and electronic components fully functional.

Particulate and gaseous contaminants pose a serious threat to this security. They can come from indoor sources, from people entering and exiting the building, and from outdoor ventilation systems. These contaminants can result in equipment downtime, complete failure or, in worst case, loss of data.

Risks include:

  • Corrosion of components due to dust containing sulfur-bearing gases
  • Obstruction of cooling air flow and deformation of surfaces
  • Electrical impedance changes, circuit failure and burnout, with the associated fire risk

Good air filtration solutions help to reduce energy costs

Data centers consume 2% of all the electricity used in the United States, and 32% of that is used by the air-conditioning system. In locations with a naturally cool climate, facility owners turn to free air cooling to solve their energy cost problems. But the incoming air must be purified to protect the equipment.

Camfil’s 5-star air filters can help you reduce your energy costs – in many cases, up to 40% or more. You can use our life cycle software to consider filter price, disposal costs, energy costs and labor costs associated with the air filtration solution.

The benefits of Camfil air filters in your data CENTER

  • Prevent equipment downtime and failure
  • Improve fire resistance with flame-retardant air filters
  • Shield against electromagnetic interference that causes data errors and equipment failure
  • Increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with environmentally friendly, high energy-efficiency rated products that comply with all international standards
  • Choose from one of the widest selections of air filtration solutions on the market, tailored to your needs

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