Created Friday, May 13, 2022

Middelfart Wastewater thoroughly researched the market for filtration solutions that could fit the needs and decided on contacting Camfil to find a highly efficient, flexible and maintenance-friendly filtration solution. Middelfart Wastewater and Camfil collaborated well to get all the details and demands clarified.

The Camfil team proposed a space-saving return installation, namely an HDC carbon filter housing with activated carbon in a specially selected media mixture, that can take well care of the odor nuisance.

Middelfart Spildevand A/S is owned by Middelfart Municipality and currently employs 21 employees, who provide transport and treatment of wastewater from households and industries in the Municipality around the clock. The company’s most important tasks are to ensure the citizens have an efficient and safe handling of wastewater and rainwater, i.e. with a focus on stability, cost-effectiveness and environmental soundness.

Middelfart Wastewater is located on Strandvejen between Middelfart and Strib and it receives wastewater from all households in Middelfart and the surrounding areas. In the past few years, the two cities have grown and the neighbors have moved even closer to the treatment plant. The wastewater treated by Middelfart Wastewater can smell unpleasant and create a nuisance for the neighbors around the treatment plant. The wastewater undergoes a long process at Middelfart Wastewater, where the wastewater is treated and at the end of the process it eventually becomes purified water which is then released to the sea surrounding Middelfart. In addition, the byproducts of biogas are converted to electricity and heat as well as bio-fertilizer that is being used on farmers’ fields.


In order to satisfy the surrounding neighbors and to improve the work environment for the staff in relation to odor nuisances, Middelfart Wastewater had worked ongoing to improve the conditions. For example, some of the process tanks were covered and new carbon filter solutions were installed. The results however from the existing carbon filters were inconclusive, and the solution itself was inflexible, unmanageable, and did not fit in aesthetically. Additionally, the carbon filters had to be emptied with a sewer cleaning truck which was an additional recurring expense.

What makes Camfil’s HDC solution unique?

The unique feature is that we use standard-size refillable media cells. Depending on the contamination, it is possible to use almost all types of molecular filtration media in the HDC cells. This high-tech approach is used to eliminate internal leaks that would otherwise reduce efficiency. The HDC housings are also designed to ensure easy installation and operation. The cells can be equipped with new media without the need to use special tools or have specialized knowledge about this. The cells run on rails, so filling and emptying are easy for the maintenance staff to handle. After commissioning, the filters and housings are completely passive in operation and require a minimum of routine maintenance. The housing is also extremely flexible because modules can easily be added if needed.


Initially, an order was placed for an HDC filter housing, made of 316 stainless steel, including a pre-filter section with ePM1 55% panel filters and fans for the covered sludge storage tank. Since the results of the odor nuisances removal were good and the filter lived up to expectations, Middelfart Wastewater also HDC unit with pre-filters and a fan that cleans the air at the concentration tank
chose to order a similar HDC carbon filter unit for the covered concentration tank, then a unit for the press building and finally for the digester. The last HDC filter unit will be delivered in December 2021. The HDC carbon filter housing for the press building and the digester have double filtration with two different types of activated carbon for the most optimal odor removal.

HDC unit with pre-filters and fan that cleans the air at the concentration tank

In the housing unit, deep bed gas scrubbers with unique features are used in standard size re-fillable media cells. The cells are filled with ISO 10121 activated carbon and Camfil CamPure media. Ideal for removal of odors and toxic and corrosive gases.

"Camfil was quick with response and follow-up. Since odor problem was at a relatively unmanageable size, it was important that the system is flexible so that it can be updated as needed. Due to a very honest and credible dialogue, there was a good start that lead to a strong collaboration. Given all of the aforementioned, I was convinced that this was the right solution for us." - Casper Strecke Skovgaard, Project Manager at Middelfart Wastewater


Deep bed gas scrubbers with the unique feature of the use of a standard size re-fillable media cell. The cells are filled with ISO 10121 activated carbon and Camfil CamPure media. Ideal for removal of odors and toxic and corrosive gases.
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