CamCleaner CC500

CamCleaner CC500 can be used as a room air purifier or installed to create negatively pressurized isolation areas.

  • CC500 produces 500 CFM of HEPA filtered air.
  • MERV 9/9A prefilter to extend the 99.99% HEPA filter's service life.
  • Smooth rolling caster wheels for portability.
  • Can be mounted on wall or interstitial for recirculation or exhaust.
  • Hospital-grade cord plugs into any standard 120-volt three prong outlet.


Selected areas requiring HEPA filtered air or where negatively pressurized isolation areas are needed.
Voltage usage
Installation options
Freestanding or mounted on a wall or ceiling or interstitially horizontally.
The Camfil CC500 can direct up to 500 cubic feet of air
per minute through a 99.99% HEPA filter as an inroom
recirculation air purifier or can be configured to exhaust
HEPA filtered air in negatively pressurized isolation areas. The
versatile, all aluminum unit can be rolled into position, mounted
on a wall or ceiling, or interstitially mounted horizontally in
a ceiling. The quiet motor operates on a standard 120-volt
three-prong outlet and includes a multispeed control switch to
maintain desired airflow. Comes stock with a 12"x12"x11.5" true HEPA tested under IEST-RP-CC-007 and -0034 to perform at 99.99%.
Max Temperature (°F)

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A Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis proved the Camfil Durafil filter operated at a 24% lower energy cost per year than the Viledon T-60. The Camfil product would save the customer $14 per filter per year versus the alternative.

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