Air Filtration Circle of Success

approach to clean air solutions helps customers maximize performance and savings

multi-faceted approach to air filter selection to boosts performance

Finding the best clean air solution means more than initial filter cost. It means finding the right fit -- an air filter that provides optimal performance in the customer’s specific environment. For Camfil -- the world’s leading provider of clean air solutions -- helping customers discover that perfect match has long been a priority. In its new ‘Circle of Success’ video, the company shows how its multi-faceted approach to filter selection and testing enables customers to boost performance while reducing filter, operating, and administrative costs.

The Circle of Success video walks viewers through a one-of-a kind program that differentiates Camfil from other filter manufacturers and ensures the long-term success of a user’s clean air solution.

As the video explains, the Circle of Success starts with data gathering: Camfil experts collecting data on how a user’s existing air handling units are performing, and reviewing usage and purchasing processes. The next step is an on-site survey to verify a system’s performance by studying airflow, velocity, and particle loading. With this information in hand, Camfil’s experts then move to the heart of the Circle of Success process – leveraging advanced modeling and simulation techniques to compare the performance of existing air filters with recommended Camfil products.

Camfil’s proprietary Life Cycle Cost (LCC) software is then used to calculate the overall lifetime costs of the clean air solutions under consideration. This is calculated by accounting for each solution’s energy consumption, installation cost, filter life, and disposal costs. The result: the true cost of the filter program. Together, the various element of the Circle of Success let customers identify the optimal solution.

Once products have been installed, Camfil validates that its model simulation is accurate by using special testing devices and software to document performance. The idea is simple: Camfil customers should never have to rely on guesswork to justify a purchase. Instead, they can demonstrate, with qualitative data, that the clean air solution they chose was the optimal one for their needs.

For Camfil, building the best air filtration products is an ongoing process, leveraging a research centers across the globe to focus on overall value, not lowest initial cost. This equips Camfil to design and build filters that maintain peak efficiency longer than more traditionally designed filters. Not only do Camfil filters do a better job keeping dangerous particles out of indoor environments, they also use less energy to do so, and result in lower maintenance and disposal costs over the long term. It’s not just a Circle of Success; it’s a recipe for savings.  Watch the video to learn more.
Created Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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