Mid-Atlantic School System

Created Thursday, August 26, 2021
Mid-Atlantic school system with multiple elementary and middle school facilities as well as three high schools dedicated to providing a safe environment for successful learning.


A comprehensive approach was taken to address all areas of concern with the goal of in-school learning for all students. One key area of concern was the quality of the air in all facilities and the long term health effect on faculty, students, employees and visitors.

Understanding the limitations of the existing HVAC systems in many facilities, the decision was made to utilize the benefits of room air purifiers to supplement existing filtration. Using an academic approach consistent with the school system's teaching methods, evidence-based material was demanded in order to determine which air purification technology would achieve the school's air quality goals. Camfil was requested to demonstrate the real-world effectiveness of the City M air purifier and provide documentation of particle removal.


Over 300 City M room air purifiers were installed in classrooms throughout the school system with limited or non-existing central HVAC systems. Two elementary schools were selected for detailed evaluation to determine if the units improved classroom air quality.

Particle counters were used to establish a baseline before the City M air purifiers were activated and before students entered the two facilities. The particle count per cubic foot was based on three size ranges – 0.3 - 0.5 microns, 0.5 - 1.0 microns and 1.0 - 5.0 microns. All the micron sizes are far too small to be seen but are potentially hazardous to student health.

After a baseline of initial air quality was established, nearly 2,000 separate counts were conducted on the three particle sizes. A data evaluation was conducted to determine air quality improvement in the classrooms with City M air purifiers.

The City M provided a safer environment for teachers and students to facilitate a return to in-school learning


The City M air purifier delivered noticeably improved indoor air quality. Particle counts in all three size ranges dropped significantly when the City M air purifiers were activated in classrooms with or without students and faculty. In addition, it was determined the units added a minimum of two ACH (air changes per hour) which improved the overall room ventilation. Click here to download the full case study and view the proof behind the results. 

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