Monitor, Track, Report and Improve your Air Quality 
AirImage Sensor 


Airimage sensor


  • Small and Compact – Monitoring Air Quality has never been so easy 
  • Secure and confidential – Username and Password protected information 
  • Measure against WHO Guidelines – Measuring PM1 and PM2.5 particles can be easily compared to WHO guidelines 
  • Sync with your Camfil Air Cleaner – Set clean air requirements and ensure your building does not drop below that 
  • Monitor and Report – Quick online reporting tool allows full visibility to Management and Auditors 
  • Ensure your building is within WHO guideline limits


  • Plug and play unit easily allows it move from area to area  
  • Secure Online reporting tool ensures that your next air quality report is just a few clicks away. 
  • Patented system for Tracking PM1 and PM2.5 particles