CamCarb VG Vee cell air filters are thin-bed, loose-filled products. They provide efficient removal of acidic or corrosive molecular contamination in outdoor air and recirculation air applications.

CamCarb VG300 and VG440 Vee cell modules are engineered for high performance in process applications, especially those that require preventing corrosion of electrical control equipment.

VG modules are manufactured from engineering-grade plastic with welded assembly. They can be filled with a wide range of molecular filtration media to provide broad-spectrum or targeted adsorption of contaminants. Model VG300 in particular, utilizes a high weight of adsorbent per unit airflow.

CamCarb VG filters may be used in side access or front/rear access housings and can be oriented for vertical or horizontal airflows. The best performance can be achieved when using them in combination with Camfil PSSA housings, which have a unique mechanical device to compress the seals and eliminate leaks.

For sustainability, a module refilling option is available with some applications. Discuss your specific needs with your local Camfil representative.

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