CamCleaner Vertical

CamCleaner Vertical is a free-standing mobile air cleaner designed for corrosion control applications in heavy process industries.

  • Removes particulates and gaseous contaminants.
  • Healthier employees.
  • Less cleaning.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Clean products, fewer operational disruptions.
  • Easy to adapt ducts.
  • Less odor.


Areas that may have corrosive gases and contain
sensitive computer or electronic equipment, pulp and
paper mills, photo-chemical facilities, steel mills, refineries and sewerage treatment plants.
Voltage usage
Installation options
Freestanding / portable.
Prefilter stage accepts 4-inch deep Camfil 30/30 or MERV 11 Camfil Opti-Pac air filters for the removal of airborne particles. Twenty Camfil 24” CamCarb Canister remove gaseous contaminants. Final filter track accepts Camfil Opti-Pac MV 14 final filter.

Hospitals & Healthcare: St. James Hospital Dublin

Case Study: St James Hospital Prevents Aspergillus. Healthcare facilities must maintain the highest levels of cleanliness to promote health and healing. Camfil provides air cleaners for these environments. St. James Hospitaal in Dublin used Camfil for Aspergillus prevention.

Case Studies

Tata Power Trombay Retrofit

Case Study: Retrofit Solutions For Tata Power Ltd. Based on the site survey, Camfil proposed replacement of the pulse filter system with a three-stage static/barrier filter system, considering the local environment filled with refineries and a thermal power plant nearby.

Case Studies


Case Study: Energy Savings At Western United States University. A Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis proved the Camfil Durafil filter operated at a 24% lower energy cost per year than the Viledon T-60. The Camfil product would save the customer $14 per filter per year versus the alternative.

Case Studies

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