Air Filtration Exhibit

Healthcare Trailer

Wheels up for Camfil's air filtration exhibit

Touring the country, coast-to-coast, Camfil's state-of-the-art Healthcare Trailer hits the road visiting medical facilities to meet with industry professionals and share the latest advances in healthcare air filtration, industry standards, and testing methodology.  

Camfil invites you to experience the first-ever mobile healthcare air filtration exhibit.

“It is truly an educational experience . . .”

First of its kind exhibit walks healthcare professionals through today's need-to-know critical air quality standards & solutions

What's Inside . . .

  • ASHRAE 170 standard air quality recommendations for healthcare and what you should know.
  • Educational videos on how proper air filtration means savings and improved sustainability profile. 
  • Interactive application touchscreen determines the best solutions by healthcare application.
  • Real-Iife air filter testing identifies and quantifies energy savings opportunities. 
  • Partnering with an air filtration supplier and how to build a program for long-term results. 

coming to a city near you. . .

2020 Healthcare Trailer Tour
  West Houston Area, TX March 3   North Austin, TX March 11 
  South Houston (Med. Ctr.), TX March 4   South Austin, TX March 12 
  North Houston, TX March 5   San Antonio, TX
(ASHE Hospitality Event)
March 23 
  Bryan / College Station, TX March 6   San Antonio, TX March 24 
  Killeen / Temple, TX March 9    New Braunfels / San Marcos, TX March 25 
  Georgetown / Round Rock, TX March 10    Waco, TX March 26 

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