"When I was invited to attend the event on behalf of the university, I was not sure if the long trip to Sweden would be worth it. However, the event turned out to be one of the best learning experiences I have had. The presentation given was so comprehensive that it opened new windows in front of me for more research and innovation. In general, everything was perfect and professional, especially with the sales and marketing team who managed to bring the best out of the company during the whole event. "Camfil" will be a name that I will always remember for the rest of my career." Haitham Al-Farra, Cranfield University 

“I am very impressed with the Test & Learn Center experience, and I’m not being polite. I thought I understood
filtration but I learned a lot of things. We both learned from each other, and that’s how it should be.” Steve Ingistov, Principal Engineer, Watson Cogen


“The Test & Learn Center is a unique environment - it is a toy store for grown-ups. You have your products laid out, you have your test equipment laid out. We can talk about products, and if there’s any questions, you go over to the lab and play with it. As an engineer, I can’t ask for anything better.” Senior Engineer, Power Company


“Great Training! The instructors providing training were very knowledge and made the learning very enjoyable. They provided real life examples and answered all of the questions. I would recommend this training.” Asset Reliability (Engineer in Training), Pipeline Operator


“The Camfil project team and their state of the art facility was quite impressive during the two day training session hosted at their facility in Montreal. The session included some technical background on the importance of air intake systems for GG application, and in-depth industry specific training on various filter designs and models. The training agenda was well paced, and focused on conversation between the Camfil team and the trainees, rather than a predetermined schedule. This led to productive discussions on industry specific challenges, which was a great takeaway for everyone involved. A highlight of the session was the testing of the filters in their on-site wind tunnel, where analysis of empirical data helped with conveying two important parameters in filter design: pressure drop and filter efficiency. Overall, it provided great learnings and provided new insight into the filter selection and the impact it has on operations. Would recommend to any group that works with filter systems in operations and maintenance.” Asset Reliability Engineers, Pipeline Operator


“Technical training at the Camfil Test & Learn center is a unique experience, granting the platform to both receive a much needed additional knowledge and also to share experience with other training participants, whether they are Camfil employees, agents, GT manufacturers, GT owners or other filter users . The training was both practically fruitful on a professional level and very enjoyable on a personal level, mostly due to kind and caring organization by Camfil. We would recommend this training both to the newcomers to the field of filtration and to the already seasoned GT managers and engineers, since all can learn something new and none will be disappointed. Thanks again for the excellent hospitality and experience.” Aizenberg Constantine, Mechanical Engineer, Gas Turbines Section, IEC


“This year, I had the good opportunity to participate in the technical training at the Camfil Test & Learn Center in Montréal. First of all, I would like to thank the entire Camfil team for their excellent hospitality and for the good organization, their kind help and for giving me the opportunity to participate in this training which was very productive and fruitful. We received very useful knowledge about filtration and related Standards, due to the highly skilled and kind trainers. The participants are a mixture of Camfil employees, GT manufactures, GT owners and filter users, therefore we shared a good experience with each other in an enjoyable ambience. Additionally, we attended and participated in very interesting various tests of static and pulse jet filters. Finally, I highly recommend this fruitful training to engineers working in the field of filtration, and to GT managers. Noura Mokni, Head of Technical Department, Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas


“I wanted to thank you and your team again for having us up for training. We had a great time, and the training was very valuable, especially for the young guys.” Project Applications Engineer, OEM


“I really appreciate the opportunity to tour your facility and learn more about your products. I was really impressed with your building, lab setup and work environment at Camfil. We learned a lot about filters in general and have a much better understanding on different element types and their purposes in different environments. The demos and life size filters are a great aid to understanding your products and how they work. Also appreciate the awareness of what differentiates Camfils products from other suppliers. Thanks again and look forward to working with you in the future.” Staff Design Engineer, OEM

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