The Membrane filters are membrane cartridge filters with a composite media that combine an extremely efficient synthetic pre-filter layer with a final membrane barrier for maximal efficiency on submicrons particles.

The pre-filter has depth for long filter life, great humidity performance while it's final hydrophobic membrane filter layer offers high filtration efficiency at a very low pressure drop.

The Membrane filters are ideal air filters for gas turbine power stations and oil & gas applications where safety and reliability is important, including corrosive & humid/wet conditions.

All cartridge filters are available with Camfil's patented Hemipleat open pleat technology and traditional dimplepleat technology. The HemiPleat air filters offers lower pressure drop, improved dust release, high media utilization and reduced energy cost compared to traditional pleating technologies.

Filter class: T12

Membrane filters are tested for efficiency in accordance with the latest standard for air filters including ISO 29461-1:2021.

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