CamCarb air filter panels are engineered to provide high performance in indoor air quality (IAQ), comfort, and light-duty process applications. CamCarb products utilize a high weight of adsorbent per unit airflow with only moderate pressure loss.

The CamCarb air filter panels can be constructed from various materials to suit different applications: PM (metal), PC (composite), and PG (engineered grade plastic).

The panels are designed to be oriented horizontally on a slight incline (i.e.- in a “V” arrangement) and easily slide in and out of Camfil housings on special guides.

CamCarb panels can be filled with a wide range of activated carbon or impregnated (CamPure™) media to provide broad-spectrum or targeted adsorption of contaminants, including odors, irritants, and toxic and corrosive gases and vapors.

For sustainability, CamCarb PM panels are refillable for some applications. Discuss your specific needs with your Camfil representative.

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