Handte Oil Expert

Collects, separates, and filters oil mist from machining processes in shops and manufacturing environments.

  • Economically efficient separation of ultra-fine cooling liquid mists and fumes
  • Collection efficiencies at 99.97% on 0.3 micron and higher particle size with the optional HEPA final filter
  • Long-life filters
  • 24/7 operation
  • Air flow can be adjusted without affecting the collection efficiency
  • Operator-friendly due to low-maintenance design
  • Tool-free filter changes with quick-acting clamps
  • Optional clean air recirculation
  • Plug-and-play delivery



Machine tool, CNC center
Progressive filtration design: The progressive design of ascending filter classes provides the highest filtration efficiency available in the industry. This includes the coarse separator mesh for high contamination, the standard CoaPack diffusion filter as a preliminary filter, a fine filter and the optional downstream final stage filter. This design makes it possible to configure the system for simple applications or for highly complex requirements such as clean air recirculation. This is especially true for ultra-fine mists and fumes generated in the course of high-performance machining
Modular design for flexible configuration: The compact, modular design of the Handte Oil Expert provides for easy, efficient adaptation to specific requirements and installation situations. It is available in four standardized basic modules with different air capacities, which can be combined in a large central system. State-of-the-art technology enables flexible adjustment for system conversions or expansion as production requirements increase
Innovative filter media: The unique structure of the standard CoaPack filter material combines premium separation performance with self-cleaning features via optimum drainage of the separated cooling lubricant. The ensures extremely long filter life of the optional HEPA final filter
Easy filter change for simple, clean maintenance: The operation of the Handte Oil Expert is practically maintenance free. When infrequent filter changes are needed, the change-out is clean, easy and requires no tools. The closed filter cassettes can be removed without being exposed to the oil coated filter materials
Customizable: By combining different basic modules, it is possible to design economically efficient central extraction systems for each requirement capable of air volumes of 41,000 cfm or more. The modular concept of the Handte Oil Expert provides for smooth, cost-efficient production conversions or extensions during ongoing operation

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