CC 2000

  • Healthier employees
  • Less cleaning
  • Eliminates tobacco smoke, weld smoke, construction dust, asbestos and particles of all sizes down to ultrafine
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Clean products, fewer operational disruptions
  • Lower energy costs
  • ICON7
  • ICON9 en1822
Модель Ширина рамы Высота рамы Глубина фильтра
Air Cleaner 702 987 373
Air Cleaner 550 783 302


Область применения
Air purifier for dusty environments and indoor premises such as warehouses, pharmaceutical facilities, food factories, heavy industry, paper mills, welding workshops, construction sites, laundries, timber facilities, bakeries, packaging production, printing facilities, stables, processing industry and supermarkets. Also suitable in connection with construction, demolition and coating operations
Filter: F7, E11, H13
Connection: 2 standard spacers, diam. 160mm or 1 pc 250mm
Installation: Mobile, stationary, on wall or floor
Capacity: 0 - 1400 m³/h
Energy consumption: 0 - 302w
Please note: Molecular filtration option is available
Design: Stainless steel body
Average Air purification area: 300m²