Shifting towards a greener future

Camfil's Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability Report 2023

This annual report provides an overview of Camfil’s sustainability initiatives and work during 2023.

For six decades, Camfil has championed clean air solutions. We’re now steering towards a greener future by addressing the environmental impact of our products. Our life-cycle assessment methods and sustainability frameworks ensure that every breath of fresh air we provide is sustainable.

In 2023, a new sustainability framework was implemented within operational processes, emphasizing the journey towards achieving net-zero emissions. As a result, Camfil is taking major leaps to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our customers’ handprint in delivering clean air everywhere.

Camfil's dedication to enhancing Indoor Air Quality as a core part of our vision, "Clean Air – A Human Right," propels us to continually seek sustainable solutions. This commitment not only protects our planet but also upholds the fundamental right to clean air for all.

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