Absolute VEXL, VEXXL

HEPA filter for supply- or exhaust air systems that require a very high airflow and low pressure drop. Modern steel frame with V-shaped pleat pack arrangement combines highest capacity and stability with lowest pressure drop and weight.

  • For very high airflows (up to 3,7 m/s)
  • 23% Energy savings compared to market average
  • Lightest V-bank steel HEPA in the industry
  • 100% leak-free : individually scan tested
  • Strong and airtight frame
  • Optimized for Bag-in Bag-out safe change
  • Most convenient handling
  • ICON9 en1822
Item Type Filter Class EN1822 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Initial (Pa)
VEXL10-610x305x292-P E10 610 305 292 1800 190
VEXL10-610x610x292-P E10 610 610 292 4000 190
VEXXL10-610x305x292-P E10 610 305 292 2300 210
VEXXL10-610x610x292-P E10 610 610 292 5000 210
VEXL11-610x305x292-P E11 610 305 292 1800 210
VEXL11-610x610x292-P E11 610 610 292 4000 210
VEXL12-610x305x292-P E12 610 305 292 1800 220
VEXL12-610x610x292-P E12 610 610 292 4000 220
VEXL13-610x305x292-P H13 610 305 292 1800 240
VEXL13-610x610x292-P H13 610 610 292 4000 240
VEXXL13-610x305x292-P H13 610 305 292 2300 400
VEXXL13-610x610x292-P H13 610 610 292 5000 400
VEXL14-610x305x292-P H14 610 305 292 1500 250
VEXL14-610x610x292-P H14 610 610 292 3400 250
VEXXL14-610x305x292-P H14 610 305 292 1800 310
VEXXL14-610x610x292-P H14 610 610 292 4000 310
 Pressure drop calculation tool is available

Calculate pressure drop

= Pa
Too high air flow for this filter



High airflow filter for make-up air and exhaust air applications
Filter Frame
Galvanised steel
Glass fiber
Max temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity
Recommended final pressure drop
2x Initial pressure drop
Seamless PU foamed gasket
Installation options
FKB, FKB/D, CamBox, CamSafe 2, CamCube
Max Airflow
1,1 x nominal flow
Max. final pressure drop
600 Pa
Special versions on request (e.g. stainless steel frame or high temperature version 120ºC)

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