Air Quality for dentists
Protecting patient and staff health

Air Quality recommendations for dental surgeries

A big concern for dentists is the potential transmission of viruses between patients and staff within their practice. Some viruses can spread through the air with patients releasing these droplets through sneezing, coughing, talking and even just breathing. 

The Problem

By the nature of work done in a dentist surgery masks are not worn by patients. With this there is an increased risk of transmission of airborne viruses between the dentist and their patients. Depending on the air change level within the dental surgery there is also a risk that these airborne microbes and viruses can remain airborne for a number of hours which can in turn put future patients at risk. So what can be done to help remove this concern? Increasing the airflow within the room and improving air change rates can be your first step in solving this problem

Visualising the problem

The Solution

Visualising the solution

So what solutions are available? Increased air changes means that we remove air from the room while introducing clean air at an increased rate. Using HEPA filtration technolgy can help capture up to 99.99% of the particles in the air. Our patented air cleaners can be used for both room side air cleaning as well as extraction and re-circulation from the ceiling or an exterior room. The adjustable solution can include a range of filter types and configurations to best suit your dental surgery needs 

The Results

Our air cleaners and air purifiers have been installed in dental clinics all over the world. With over 1000 installations the system is a proven success. Watch the video to learn about a real life case study results. In the video we outline the reduction in airborne particulates and microbes from a dental clinic.

Results visualised

Created donderdag 23 juli 2020
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