Afval & Recycling

Afval & Recycling

Maak van schone lucht een huisregel op uw recyclinginstallatie – de gezondheid en veiligheid van uw medewerkers, apparatuur en het bedrijf hangen ervan af.

Houd uw afval onder controle – evenals de problemen veroorzaakt door de vele bronnen van geuren, stof en schadelijke gassen in recyclinginstallaties – met speciale moleculaire filtratieoplossingen die het gevaar op afstand houden.

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Created vrijdag 20 mei 2022

The wastewater undergoes a long process at Middelfart Wastewater, where the wastewater is treated and at the end of the process it eventually becomes purified water which is then released to the sea surrounding Middelfart. In addition, the byproducts biogas is converted to electricity and heat as well as bio-fertilizer that is being used on farmers’ fields.

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Can We Remove it

Created maandag 11 oktober 2021

Dealing with airborne odours, toxins and gases can be a big challenge. Learn about how Molecular Contamination Control and how it can protect against the harmful effects of these airborne contaminants.

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Replacement Cartridge filters and plates for dust extraction systems

Created woensdag 14 juli 2021

Did you know Camfil have a full range of retrofit filters that can be utilised in all the most common brands on the market. Camfil filters are not just designed to work but to optimise your dust extraction systems performance

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Desulfurization of Biogas with CamPure 32

Created donderdag 1 april 2021

CamPure 32 is the new ideal Camfil media for the removal of hydrogen sulfide during the production of biogas in an anaerobic process. Learn how this farm in France applied the high quality chemical absorbent media to their biogas application.

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H.C. Ørstedsværket

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

During the process of removing the four, 28 meter high boilers, a lot of environmentally harmful materials must be handled, and the demolition process will create dust and smoke, which cannot be spread outside the building.

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