Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Schone lucht is een onmisbaar ingrediënt voor uw Food and Beverage-producten. Om uw producten, processen en mensen te beschermen is het van essentieel belang om te voorkomen dat verontreinigende stoffen uw gebouw via uw HVAC-systeem binnendringen.

De producten van Camfil zijn speciaal ontworpen om voor uw lucht te zorgen. Wij bedienen vrijwel alle sectoren van de Food and Beverage industrie, waarbij we helpen uw producten, mensen en processen – en uw reputatie – te beschermen met een assortiment aan producten die zijn ontworpen voor de meest veeleisende kwaliteits-, veiligheids- en traceerbaarheidseisen in de Food and Beverage industrie.



  • Koolzuurhoudende dranken
  • Brouwen van alcohol
  • Bottelen


  • Melkproductie
  • Kaasproductie
  • Productie van weiproteïnepreparaat


  • Kant-en-klaarmaaltijden
  • Vleesverwerking
  • Snoep- en suikergoed
  • Groente en fruit


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Can We Remove it

Created maandag 11 oktober 2021

Dealing with airborne odours, toxins and gases can be a big challenge. Learn about how Molecular Contamination Control and how it can protect against the harmful effects of these airborne contaminants.

Elektronica & Optica Life Science & Gezondheidszorg Productie & Machinebouw Luchtkwaliteit Food and beverage Commerciële en openbare gebouwen Educatie en Ervaringen

Effective HEPA air purifier Solution

Created vrijdag 23 juli 2021

Read the report from the University College of Dublin (UCD) as they evaluate the effectiveness of the City M unit in poorly ventilated environments

Luchtkwaliteit Luchtreinigers Virus Contamination Control Case Studies

Replacement Cartridge filters and plates for dust extraction systems

Created woensdag 14 juli 2021

Did you know Camfil have a full range of retrofit filters that can be utilised in all the most common brands on the market. Camfil filters are not just designed to work but to optimise your dust extraction systems performance

Life Science & Gezondheidszorg Productie & Machinebouw Food and beverage

Desulfurization of Biogas with CamPure 32

Created donderdag 1 april 2021

CamPure 32 is the new ideal Camfil media for the removal of hydrogen sulfide during the production of biogas in an anaerobic process. Learn how this farm in France applied the high quality chemical absorbent media to their biogas application.

Energie & Power Systems Case Studies

Tonnies Meat Processing Facility Case Study

Created donderdag 1 april 2021

In the meat processing industry, there is a big focus on ventilation technology for the prevention of the virus outbreak. Due to a lack of standards in the industry around ventilation, there is very little guidance around what should be considered as the clean air requirements for the facility.

Food and beverage Luchtreinigers Virus Contamination Control Case Studies

Air Cleaners in Food and Beverage Production

Created vrijdag 24 juli 2020

Air is a Vital Ingredient in Food and Beverage Production. Protecting your production process and final product has never been easier

Food and beverage Luchtreinigers

Luchtkwaliteitsaanbevelingen voor vleesverwerkende bedrijven

Created donderdag 23 juli 2020

Air quality in meat processing facilities is often the forgotten ingredient within their facility. Did you know that Meat processing factories are susceptible to the spread of airborne viruses and microbes? The temperature and humidity requirements along with the production processes lend to the survival of airborne microbes and viruses. This means that the airborne viruses can survive longer in the air than in other facilities.

Luchtkwaliteit Food and beverage Luchtreinigers Virus Contamination Control

6 tips to ensure you are ready to regain control of air quality at your business

Created dinsdag 7 juli 2020

Every business depends on its surrounding environment and understanding the needs truly depends on identifying the problems. One fact that will remain unchanged even after the COVID-19 pandemic storm settles is that 'air travels'. It is important to highlight the potential risks surrounding the business such as air pollution. 

Life Science & Gezondheidszorg Luchtkwaliteit Food and beverage Commerciële en openbare gebouwen Luchtreinigers Virus Contamination Control


Created maandag 23 maart 2020

HEPA-filtratie is vereist in verschillende industrieën, zoals de farmaceutische industrie, ziekenhuizen, micro-elektronica en zelfs de Food & Beverage industrie. Lees meer over de veranderende trends op het gebied van HEPA-filtratie, hoe HEPA-filtratie de afgelopen jaren is geëvolueerd en hoe u de bijbehorende kosten kunt herkennen en verlagen voor uw behoeften aan schone lucht.

Life Science & Gezondheidszorg Luchtkwaliteit

Absolute V

Created woensdag 18 maart 2020

The new Absolute V HEPA range of air filters is all about making your life simpler, safer and more eco friendly. This is achieved by offering you filters that are extremely light-weight, robust and easy to handle. Filters that provide world-leading protection for your operations.

Elektronica & Optica Life Science & Gezondheidszorg Luchtkwaliteit Food and beverage Virus Contamination Control

Food & Beverage: World's Leading Beverage Company

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Clean Air For Leading Beverage Manufacturer. Air is the only ingredient involved in every aspect of food and beverage manufacturing. Air comes into contact with products from storage of goods all way to packaging. How can we help to keep your food processes safe?

Productie & Machinebouw Food and beverage Case Studies

Food Producer Builds Appetite For Gold Series®

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Case Study. Food Producer Builds Appetite For Gold Series. Nestle wanted a turnkey installation and a guaranteed price for a dust collection system at their frozen dinner plant. The application called for two collectors to handle the various types of spices and additives.

Case Studies

Midwest PMS

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Case Study: Eliminating Dust Clouds At Midwest PMS. Midwest PMS is a manufacturer of liquid supplements for livestock that are custom blended per order to various customers in the US. Their fully automated batching system combines an order’s various ingredients by weight.

Case Studies

Camfil Serves Up Savings in Energy, Filter Costs, and Labour

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Case Study: Filter Savings At Frozen Food Manufacturer. Three air handling units supplied air to critical processing areas in one of the USA's largest frozen food manufacturing facilities. The pre and final filter combination saved the plant over $33,000 per year.

Case Studies

Global Leader In Beverage Industry Cuts Annual Filter Use By More Than 80 Percent

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Case Study: Bottled Water Producer Reduces Labour And Waste. One of the largest global food companies and a global leader in the bottled water industry, read about how this company turned to Camfil to help meet its strong commitment to health, hydration and the environment in particular.

Case Studies

Gold Series X-Flo

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

GSX collectors are ideal for use in pharma, mining, food and chemical processing industries. They also provide a safer work environment in metalworking applications like welding and cutting.

Productie & Machinebouw

Camfil ProSafe 

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Some processes are more sensitive than others. If you work in the food and beverage or life science industries, you know how tough the demands on clean air are. To be sure you have the right filter, look for the ProSafe symbol.

Life Science & Gezondheidszorg Food and beverage Normen en Richtlijnen

Dust Collection Tips to Keep “Free-From” Foods Safe from Cross-Contamination

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Cross-contamination is a serious concern in the food processing industry. Facilities that produce both non-allergy-friendly or gluten-containing foods and “free-from” foods face even more challenges.

Food and beverage

Food and Beverage Contamination

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Most people understand air pollution and poor air quality are issues that are important, but it often remains an abstract concept until it affects them directly. But food and beverage contamination grabs people's attention.

Food and beverage

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