Wij zorgen voor de meeste actuele contaminatiecontroletechnologie zodat u uw prestaties kunt optimaliseren. Bescherm uw kwetsbare elektronica en optische apparatuur en uw processen tegen schadelijke deeltjes. Onze cleanroomfilters zijn zeer effectief in het verwijderen van deeltjes en zorgen tegelijkertijd voor energie- en kostenbesparingen.

Met bijna 20 jaar ervaring in contaminatiecontrole bij micro-elektronica en halfgeleiders kunnen wij u helpen met de bescherming van wafers en halfgeleiders, procesapparatuur, schijfstations, printplaten, FPD’s en zonnepanelen.

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Replacement Cartridge filters and plates for dust extraction systems

Created woensdag 14 juli 2021

Did you know Camfil have a full range of retrofit filters that can be utilised in all the most common brands on the market. Camfil filters are not just designed to work but to optimise your dust extraction systems performance

Life Science & Gezondheidszorg

Data Warehouse

Created donderdag 20 mei 2021

Air filters in data centres offer a host of solid business benefits in a whole range of different applications, but one of their most impressive uses is in data centres. They raise energy efficiency and lower energy bills along with providing healthy work environment.

Elektronica & Optica

Absolute V

Created woensdag 18 maart 2020

The new Absolute V HEPA range of air filters is all about making your life simpler, safer and more eco friendly. This is achieved by offering you filters that are extremely light-weight, robust and easy to handle. Filters that provide world-leading protection for your operations.

Elektronica & Optica Luchtkwaliteit Life Science & Gezondheidszorg Food and beverage Virus Contamination Control

What Are the Effects of Corrosion?

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

Some of the effects of corrosion include a significant deterioration of natural and historic monuments. Air pollution causes corrosion, and it’s becoming worse worldwide. Learn how to protect your equipment.

Elektronica & Optica

Data Centre Air Filtration

Created woensdag 1 mei 2019

To remain operational, data centres must be cooled to a specific temperature, and the physical equipment must be protected from the elements to avoid costly breakdowns. How can Camfil help you achieve the right temperature?

Elektronica & Optica

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