Goede luchtfiltratie is geen luxe in zorginstellingen, het is een vereiste. Wanneer er levens op het spel staan kan Camfil u helpen met het beschermen van zowel uw kostbare apparatuur als de gezondheid van uw patiënten en medewerkers.

Zorginstellingen moeten voldoen aan strikte reinheidsnormen ter bevordering van de gezondheid en genezing. Camfil biedt een uitgebreid assortiment van luchtfilters voor deze complexe omgevingen, van de algemene ruimtes zoals kantoren, keukens en parkeergarages tot wachtkamers en operatiekamers.

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6 tips to ensure you are ready to regain control of air quality at your business

Every business depends on its surrounding environment and understanding the needs truly depends on identifying the problems. One fact that will remain unchanged even after the COVID-19 pandemic storm settles is that 'air travels'. It is important to highlight the potential risks surrounding the business such as air pollution. 

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Megalam EnerGuard

Camfils Megalam EnerGuard maakt gebruik van de beste eigenschappen van alle HEPA-mediatypen. EnerGuard bevat de lange levensduur eigenschappen van glasvezel met het lage energieverbruik van membraanmedia om optimale prestaties te garanderen.

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Camfil ProSafe 

Some processes are more sensitive than others. If you work in the food and beverage or life science industries, you know how tough the demands on clean air are. To be sure you have the right filter, look for the ProSafe symbol.

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Improved indoor HVAC system can help prevent airborne respiratory viruses

In a scientific debate, WHO has acknowledged that in the case of COVID-19, airborne transmission could not be ruled out in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated settings. Scientists across the world are looking for more evidence as it may affect many guidelines in the crowded indoor environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about viruses and filtration

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and filtration.

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HEPA-filtratie is vereist in verschillende industrieën, zoals de farmaceutische industrie, ziekenhuizen, micro-elektronica en zelfs de Food & Beverage industrie. Lees meer over de veranderende trends op het gebied van HEPA-filtratie, hoe HEPA-filtratie de afgelopen jaren is geëvolueerd en hoe u de bijbehorende kosten kunt herkennen en verlagen voor uw behoeften aan schone lucht.

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Reducing the risk of infection through virus by combating the air pathogens 

Combating the virus in the air. Maintaining a good level of hygiene and covering the mouth with a mask are good ways to stay protected but is this enough? Maintaining a hygienic and sanitary environment along with protection from those infected are vital as the virus thrives in contaminated conditions.

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Molecular Filtration For Life

Starting the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) process can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for anyone needing help in conceiving a child.

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Air Cleaners in Hospitals

Find out how Camfil solutions can help you protect your patients and staff in your hospital

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Hospitals & Healthcare: St. James Hospital Dublin

Case Study: St James Hospital Prevents Aspergillus. Healthcare facilities must maintain the highest levels of cleanliness to promote health and healing. Camfil provides air cleaners for these environments. St. James Hospitaal in Dublin used Camfil for Aspergillus prevention.

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Fermentation Odours

Case Study: Odour Solution For Pharmaceutical Company. There was a distinct odour in the manufacturer's lab and cold storage area, and employee complaints of nuisance odour eventually circulated to management where the concern was escalated.

Case Studies

Camtain® Contains Explosive Pharma Dust

Case Study: Camtain Contains Explosive Pharma Dust. A multinational pharmaceutical company needed a dust extraction system for their new tableting suite in Spain. The suite comprised of six rooms, each with its own tablet machine that created explosive dusts.

Case Studies

Hospital Air Quality Matters

As a place of healing and recovery, hospital air quality is even more important than the air quality at commercial offices and shopping malls. The purpose of a hospital is to return people to good health, and an essential aspect of this process is ensuring that airborne pollutants do not make existing conditions worse.

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Cannabis Cultivation

Case Study: Cannabis Cultivation. This key player in the industry operates one of the largest facilities in Canada, with over 150,000 square feet of space licensed for medical marijuana production. The process of growing cannabis produces a strong smell.

Pfizer Improved Air Quality While Cutting Energy Costs

Case Study: Pfizer Prioritises Energy Reduction Project. Camfil secured a supply and installation contract at the Pfizer Global Research and Development Campus in South-East Kent, UK that improved air quality and saves over £2 million.

Case Studies

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