Dust, fume and mist extraction
Improve indoor air quality and protect from harmful emissions

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Almost all industrial manufacturing processes generate emissions in form of dust, fume, smoke, aerosols or other particles. These emissions have to be captured and extracted from the process before they enter the ambient air and spread in the production environment. Using the right extraction systems and filter media protects your employees and processes from those harmful emissions and avoid deposits on machinery and manufactured products.

Filter elements for industrial extraction systems

Filter elements are the integral component of any dust collector or mist separator and affect the separation efficiency as well as the energy efficiency of the entire extraction system. Camfil´s high-quality filter elements are available with different filter media, each of it providing special properties to ensure best filtration performance on various applications and emissions as well as an optimised filter life.

Also available: Also available: retrofit filters in different length, diameters and with different flanges to perfectly fit into the most common industrial dry dust and fume extraction systems on the market.
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A Containment1

Containment solutions ensure that dust doesn’t escape during normal operation and routine maintenance

Created Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API´s) create a number of challenges for pharma manufacturers and their production processes. The API’s create very fine dusts and often high solvent concentrations during the product handling and manufacturing processes. This fine dusts pose the greatest risk to the worker’s health, with harmful particles being retained in the lungs. That´s why effective filtration is required combined with containment solutions to ensure the dust doesn’t escape during normal operation as well as during routine maintenance like filter changes or waste dust disposal.

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Selecting filter media to optimise performance of your dust extraction system

Created Tuesday, July 12, 2022

For the best possible protection of your processes, products and your employees, you need an effective dust extraction system including the proper filtration media. This eBook outlines five factors you should take into consideration about your dust and process when determining the right filter media.

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