Large Industrial Air Compressors

Large Industrial Air Compressors

Air compressors are critical for many processing industries that rely on efficient filtration to remain operational for prolonged periods of time, without any shutdowns. Environmental and operational conditions can vary drastically. That's why the required filter solution should be adapted to your local site conditions and operations.

Large industrial air compressors are mainly used as air separation units or main air blowers in different process industries such as plastics, agriculture or steel. Because the environmental conditions of each site  humidity, temperature, precipitation and air contaminants  can vary widely, Camfil's air intake filter systems are fully customized to ensure the best protection for your turbomachinery equipment, considering your key value drivers such as availability, reliability, and profitability. 

Due to the variety of operations, each solution needs to be customized. Furthermore, your filtration solution should be durable and reliable to resist surge risk. Low pressure drop, long service life, and high filtration efficiency are all required to increase your availability and reliability. With Camfil's advanced EPA filter solutions, you can rest assured that you will benefit from worry-free operations and maximum service life.


With test rigs that mimic extreme conditions, from salt & water spray to high air flows and high burst pressure, our R&D group is focused on ensuring reliability. We challenge our products in real site conditions using our mobile testing trailers, the CamLabs, and are always ready to show you actual performance data.   Our patented solutions like the CamGT 3V-600 have pushed the industry limits when it comes to water handling capability, salt removal efficiency and lower operating pressure drop. When reliability is critical, your air filters should be just as dependable.


We strive to understand air and local conditions better than anyone else. A little obsessive? Maybe. But, when up to 98% of what goes into your equipment is air, we believe it’s a good thing. By providing the facts you need to empower your decisions, you can optimise output and efficiency. As the most predictable air solutions provider, Camfil keeps your equipment working better and longer, while removing the element of surprise. We help youstay in control.


If you are designing a new system or simply looking to improve your current performance, ask us about our life cycle cost software, our air sampling solutions or for a CamLab test.

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