Exposure & explosion risks 

In pharmaceutical workplaces

The importance of effective dust control and containment in the pharmaceutical workplace

There is a growing trend for pharmaceutical ingredients, particularly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), which consist of smaller molecules to provide faster reactions and greater potency. Solvents are often used in the processing phases. Whilst providing significant benefits in terms of drug delivery and performance, it creates a number of challenges for pharma manufacturers and their production processes.

The API’s create very fine dusts and often high solvent concentrations during the product handling and manufacturing processes. The finer the dust, the greater explosive potential due to increased surface area and greater concentration. There are certain values which need to be determined (Kst, Pmax, MIE) so the correct explosion protection and explosion venting measures can be specified as part of the dust extraction system. Vigilance is required to ensure the correct safety devices are specified for the dust collector and EX-rated items of supply. Compliance with ATEX and OSHA regulations is key. Yearly checking and maintenance of equipment by qualified persons is mandatory.

The fine dusts also pose the greatest risk to the worker’s health, with harmful particles being retained in the lungs. An effective filtration is required combined with containment solutions to ensure the dust doesn’t escape during normal operation as well as during routine maintenance.
  •  Tablet presses 
  •  Tablet coating
  •  Fluid bed drying
  •  Spray drying
  •  Blending
  •  Granulation
  •  General room ventilation
  •  House and high-vacuum systems

Gold Series Camtain

Modular and powerful extraction system for pharma applications with high air volumes

The Gold Series Camtain is the contained version of the industry proven Gold Series dust collectors and specifically designed for pharmaceutical dust collection applications that doesn't require product reuse.
Camtain dust collectors are equipped with safe-change containment systems for both the filter cartridges and dust discharge. While the cartridge change utilises a Bag-In Bag-Out (BIBO) system, the discharge uses the continuous liner technology.
When equipped with a Camfil explosion vent, the collectors offer the highest explosion protection in accordance with NFPA and ATEX standards.
The Gold Series Camtain dust collection system have been independently surrogate tested for validated performance verification.
FGS Camtain Image

Quad pulse package

Series of compact dry dust collectors for pharmaceutical applications with air volumes up to 3,000 m³/h (1,765 cfm)

The Quad Pulse Package family cleans it´s filters in four segments, one at a time so that they are continually cleaned without interrupting the airflow. The system is available with one or two filter cartridges and internal/external fan option. Its compact design provides easy installation on the production floor and includes a pressure-resistant housing as well as a Bag-In Bag-Out system for both filter stages and the dust discharge.
Quad Pulse Package 2 Product Image