Filter elements for dust, fume & mist collectors

Filter Elements

Filter elements are integral components of any extraction system handling dry dust and fume or coolant mist.

The most common filter elements for dry dust collectors are round filter cartridges or filter plates. Both filter types are designed to be cleaned with a reverse pulse jet of compressed air, knocking all the particles of the filter media downwards into a collector bin.

Mist separators are usually designed with different filter stages for coarse and fine particles. The filter cassettes of the main stage are self-regenerating filters because they are using a gravity drainage effect which allows a discharge or return of the collected lubricants.

Both types of filters can be equipped with different filter media, each of them providing special properties to ensure the best filtration performance on various applications and emissions as well as an optimised filter life.
As a filtration company, Camfil develops, manufactures and improves most of the filter elements and filter media in their own production, guaranteeing high-quality filtration solutions.

Besides filters for the own brand extraction systems, Camfil offers a wide range of cartridge style filters and flat plate filters to retrofit the most common dust extraction systems on the market.