Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

When your industry relies on steady performance, availability and reliability, high quality air filtration is critical to maintain your equipment in top condition for many years. Our air inlet filters and acoustic systems are designed accordingly.

Whether you are on an offshore production platform, a fracking site or a refinery, O&G sites are often challenged with a variety of aggressive contaminants such as salt, heavy hydrocarbons and aggressive gases. On critical processes, these challenges need to be taken care of to maintain top performance of the equipment. Applications can vary from gas turbines, diesel engines, air compressors, generators or ventilation systems for enclosures and control rooms.


Air filtration solutions should be designed according to the operational requirements and local contaminants. Good solutions not only improve performance, they reduce maintenance costs and increase part life. This improves availability, reliability and ultimately, profitability.

Having over 50 years of experience, our solutions are flexible and optimized for each application: from compact EPA solutions offshore, to mobile units on fracking sites, to molecular solutions when subjected to corrosive gas. If you have specific needs, there is a good chance we have industry experience to help you. With test rigs that mimic extreme conditions, from salt & water spray to high air flows and high burst pressure, our R&D group is focused on ensuring reliability. We challenge our products in real site conditions using our mobile testing trailers, the CamLabs, and are always ready to show you actual performance data.

Our patented solutions like the CamGT 3V-600 have pushed the industry limits when it comes to water handling capability, salt removal efficiency and lower operating pressure drop. When reliability is critical, your air filters should be just as dependable. We strive to understand air and local conditions better than anyone else. A little obsessive? Maybe. But, when up to 98% of what goes into your equipment is air, we believe it’s a good thing. By providing the facts you need to empower your decisions, you can optimize output and efficiency. As the most predictable air solutions provider, Camfil keeps your equipment working better and longer, while removing the element of surprise. We help you stay in control. If you are designing a new system or simply looking to improve your current performance, ask us about our life cycle cost software, our air sampling solutions or for a CamLab test.

Diesel generator
diesel engine inlet

Engines should be protected against weather, excessive temperatures and contaminants that enter the cumbostion process. Robust filtration solutions help you avaoid surge risk or exposure to hot gases from the exhaust.

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air compressor

Air inlet filtration systems are essential for the operation of air comrpessors. Environmental and poerational conditions can vary drastically, so you need to adapt the required filter solution to your local site conditions and operations.

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Gas turbine
gas turbine inlet

As turbine thermal efficiency escalates, firing temeratures increase, machine tolerances decrease and turbines sensitivity increases. To protect against salt and commonly found corrosive comtaminants in O&G applications, Camfil offers reliable, high-performance EPA air filtration. 

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Generator enclosure

Electrical equipment like generators should be protected against weather and excessive temperatures with appropriate ventilation for cooling. The level of protection should be customized for the environment to protect against water, salt or corrosive gases. 

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