Turbomachinery inlet systems

Turbomachinery inlet systems

Turbomachinery and gas turbine air intake filtration systems are tailored to your individual demands in line with the application, ambient conditions, load and other specific parameters. Our modular air filter system designs facilitate easy transport and installation.

Clean air and quiet surroundings are vital life quality factors in modern society. A well designed system minimizes turbine performance degradation and fouling, leading to lower operating costs, optimum efficiency and less environmental impact.
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Turbomachinery needs to be protected against weather and excessive temperatures. Also, the surroundings need to be protected from the high noise level, generated by the machinery.

An inlet system can be designed to meet countless different requirements. Besides an optimal filter combination, the system may need to be enhanced with better weather protection, vane separators, or screens to stop birds or insects.

Our gas turbine filter houses are designed to offer the best protection for combustion and ventilation air in plants with gas turbines, diesel engines and compressors against the harshest elements and environmental challenges.