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Reducing the spread of viruses

Air Quality Recommendations for Viruses

The spread of viruses in the workplace is not a new problem to society. Often referred to "Sick Building Syndrome" it is noted that the transmission of viruses between people often occurs because of poor ventilation. Protecting customers and staff from the spread of airborne viruses is important to all businesses. Find out what recommendations are available to your company

Air Quality recommendations for HVAC systems

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have recently acknowledged growing concerns surrounding the possible airborne transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19. This means that the importance of your air quality within your building is critical to protecting your customers and staff. REHVA, Representatives of European Heating and ventilation association, have released a guideline document for what companies should do to protect their building from the spread of Covid. Watch the video to learn about the 5 recommended tips highlighted by REHVA.

Each work environment is unique and will have its own clean air requirements. To best understand your building, we offer a free air quality assessment. This assessment will look at the operations in your facility as well as what the guidelines recommend to propose the best clean air solutions to protect your staff

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Created Thursday, July 23, 2020