Air quality in your office
Protecting employee health

Air quality recommendations for office spaces

Air quality in your office is important to protecting the health of your employees. Poor air quality can lead to an increased transmission of viruses between employees which can lead to lower productivity and increased sick days in your office

How to improve Indoor air quality

The air in your building can be compromised by a number of different sources, from the air pollution from the outside getting into your building, the internal processes that create increased particular and molecular concerns and even the spread of airborne viruses from the people within your building. Creating a clean air environment is important to protecting your employees health. Understand what air quality upgrades are available to your office with our free air quality assessment.

Calculate the clean air requirements for your office






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Monitor, report and Control your indoor air quality

Understanding there could be potential airborne contamination risk in your office is often impossible to see as these risks are associated with the smallest particles. Using our AirImage air quality sensor and platform you can monitor, control and report on your the Indoor air quality within your office. This smart sensor can monitor the levels of PM1, PM 2.5 as well as temperature and humidity levels within your office. The smart sensors can control camfil air cleaners by increasing fan speed when particulate levels are high and by reducing fan speed when particulate levels are at a predefined acceptable level.

The AirImage platform can be connected to your different monitoring devices (Computer, Laptop or Mobile) or displayed on a screen or monitor to share the air quality levels within a specific area or room, giving reassurances to office workers on the quality of air they are breathing

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Created Thursday, July 30, 2020