Reducing the spread of viruses

Air Quality recommendations for hotels

Air quality has always been an important factor for hotels, whether it has been removing odours from kitchen extracts to ensuring a clean environment by reducing particulate levels. Now the need to protect guests and staff from airborne viruses is extremely important. Learn how our solutions can help reduce the risk of airborne transmission of viruses in your hotel 

Hotels can often be classified as high-risk areas for the transmission of airborne viruses. The reason for this is because of the high guest turnover rates and the high levels of footfall in common areas such as restaurants, gyms, pools, and lobby areas. Guidelines have been produced that show commercial buildings what steps should be taken to ensure the air quality of guests and staff is protected. These include - Utilising 100% supply air (using the right air filtration), increasing air changes, and utilising air purification systems in required areas

Air quality problems are the "Invisible" problem for hotels and it's often not something a person can see. Take advantage of our free site air quality assessment to see if your air quality is optimised for the protection of your guests and staff

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Air quality solutions for your hotel

Are you worried about airborne particles or microbes in your hotel environments. Find out what solutions are available to improve the air quality in your hotel.
Created Thursday, July 23, 2020