Air Quality in Gyms
Protecting users from airborne microbes and viruses

Air quality recommendations for gyms

Gyms are designed to help improve your physical health and fitness. From strength and conditioning, Cardiovascular and nutritional advise the gym is the first place people go when they want to get healthy. With many people training together one factor is often forgotten about - The Indoor air quality. 

Air quality in your gym

In gyms there are two key factors that contribute to poor air quality. 1) People - In gyms users are often breathing more heavy than in other buildings, caused by their workout, which causes an increase release of particulates and airborne microbes such as viruses. 2) insufficient ventilation - Low air changes, insufficient air filtration and use of recirculated air are often problems in gyms. 

Watch the case study from GOfit gyms to learn more about how this gym utilised our expertise to solve these challenges

Case study video - Gym

Learn how GOfit gym protected their members health during the Covid 19 pandemic

Air Quality for athletes

How important is indoor air quality to the health of your gyms members? Download our brief guide to Indoor air quality for athletes to see how clean air can aid performance and recovery. 

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Created Friday, September 4, 2020