Filter Performance Service: In-Depth Filter Testing

You can send air filters to the lab for testing when a good pressure drop monitoring system is unavailable at your site, if the filter has aged, or if you are located in a challenging environment. Filters can be tested to simulate different environments and are tested according to the latest international filtration standards. By understanding the challenges at your site and how well your filters are performing, we can recommend filter upgrades to improve engine protection and extend maintenance intervals.

  • Understand how well your filters are performing and whether an upgrade is needed.
  • Tests filters in Camfil's R&D facilities using turbomachinery-specific rigs and equipment
  • Verifies a filter's integrity, strength, salt or dust efficiency, hydrophobicity, pressure drop, dust holding, and media condition through the scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Detailed report showing test procedures and performance during the test duration



All gas turbine and turbomachinery applications 
Our custom build gas turbine filter test rigs are designed according to standards EN779 and ISO 29461. 

Individual customized tests are offered all in front of you or your customer.

Please contact your local representative for a scope of air sampling services offered in your country. 


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