SafeScan Solution Housing

Test sections to facilitate scan testing of individual filters to ensure that each filter element in a bank is leak free. Available in an automated scan version and a hand operated version.

  • Are specially designed to mount directly to other Camfil containment modules ensuring complete system integrity from a single source manufacturer
  • Are manufactured from the same materials as the containment section.
  • Are tested to the same design criteria as the other containment sections.
  • Allow individual filter testing
  • Are designed to protect test technicians from potential exposure to the contaminated airflow.
  • Incorporate scanning technology designed to scan the entire face of the tested filter element, including the gasket interface.
  • Are validated and documented to operate per ASME N-510 (Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems) and the ASME AG-1 Code requirements.
  • Test sections are available in modules up to three filters wide.


Bio-safety and nuclear applications.

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